EVE Online to Offer Cosmetic Options for Ships

Or, for about $2.00, you can paint your big old space wagon. (Smaller ships may cost much less.)

CCP has a Dev Post up about a pilot program for cosmetic options to allow pilots to customize the appearance of their ships.  People have talked about it for ages, with the range of ideas going from full out, no holds barred paint jobs to maybe just letting us put our alliance or corp logos on ships.

You would fly this, I know it

You would fly this, I know it

Of course, this is EVE Online.  Nothing can ever come easy.  After years of being badgered, CCP has come up with a complicated plan that involves you buying a blueprint for your specific ship (not hull, but ship, so a Merlin and a Harpy do not share if I read things correctly) from the previously only known for monocles in-game RMT shop, the NEX Store (which still sells monocles, monocles never actually being an issue to anybody really, thank you very much), using that other currency, Aurum, and manufacturing a skin (using the oh-so-intuitive manufacturing interface) that can be applied to your ship.

And, of course, it is a single use item that blows up when your ship does.  But it will be noted on kill mails!

Fine, I have fought the UI before and won.  I can handle this.  Or I can read somebody’s inevitable guide to how to do it.  When do I get my Hello Kitty Kestral?

Well, not yet.

CCP is still figuring this out, so for now it is just a pilot program (for pilots!) that includes a limited set of pre-set paint schemes that can be applied to a limited selection of ships.  Basically, if you fly one of the nine ships they have selected (Rifter, Maelstrom, Incursus, Hyperion(!?), Punisher, Abaddon, Merlin, or Rokh) you can create a new skin for it.  I might have thrown a couple of big, fat cargo ships into the mis, as the paint scheme might be more noticeable, because some of the pre-sets they are offering aren’t exactly stunning updates.

It is different, I swear

It is different, I swear

My guess is that they are having problems applying paint to rust.

This is a work in progress and I am sure that options will expand as they figure things out.  And this is CCP, which has its own process.  It could be a while before you get your Hello Kitty Kestral.

The Dev Blog post linked above has many more details as well as screen shots of the current ships in the trial.

Me, I am waiting for huge, pink dreadnoughts and titans with racing stripes.

7 thoughts on “EVE Online to Offer Cosmetic Options for Ships

  1. Carole Pivarnik

    There are copyright issues involved for the use of someone else’s design (e.g., Hello Kitty or sports logos) in a non-related product (like Eve). I mean, technically you can’t legally use ANY artwork that wasn’t made available under a Creative Commons License by its creator or else that you didn’t make yourself using your own original work (not to include just re-hashing artwork made by others). That is a far-reaching issue; I wonder how CCP plans to handle it or if they’ve even discussed it.


  2. Jenks

    Subscription games that offer cosmetics like this and WoW should allow you to disable those items from appearing in your game because they are intrusive and destroy immersion for those who care about such things.


  3. flosch

    Hmm, I’m very underwhelmed by options they put into the game. None of them strikes me as all that impressive, some of them as positively ugly (is that supposed to be airbushed rust on those Caldari ships or what?).

    The only skin I’m interested in is the cop car, and that they removed that skin from the game, only to reintroduce it years later for extra cost (though not Aurum, but in-game at least)… it’s a SLAP IN THE FACE! A SLAP IN THE FACE, I SAY!

    OK, I’m exaggerating. It’s still a weird decision.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @flosch – I am a bit underwhelmed by the initial options, in part because I really do not fly any of those ships. Ah well.

    I do wonder how seriously to take Jester’s comments on the pilot program, which seem to add up to “If you don’t buy the stuff CCP has up now, they won’t make anything better.”

    @Jenks – In a fantasy game I might see the merit in that argument. I posted previously about the naming policy at TorilMUD, of which I generally approve. But in EVE, which is a modern future, who is to say that a corp that chooses My Little Pony logos is immersion breaking? People do things like that in real life, EVE is real, so there you go.


  5. Kevin Brill (@kevinbrill)

    I wonder what the backlash would be if CCP started working with companies to provide corporate skins. Would people really buy “Coke” or “Avengers 2” skins?

    How about if they looked really awesome like the “Hello Kitty” one?


  6. Raziel Walker

    Some people feel that in EVE there is no room for pink spaceships or freighters with racing stripes.

    I think that pink should be more expensive as other colors and I also believe that pink would still dominate the space lanes. Most of the pink ships will be flown by people looking for tears from those that object to pink spaceships.

    Regarding immersion: I believe that if EVE was real capsuleers would fly the most horrendous clashing color designs possible just to make sure they are unique, stand out or otherwise draw attention.


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