Show Me The Planets Contest Results

I realized at some point late yesterday afternoon that I had a contest to wrap up today.  It has been a busy week.  Winners had to be picked, prizes arranged, and a post had to be written.

The first two were relatively manageable when compared to the third.  I always forget what a minor pain it is to move things from email to my hard drive and then back up into WordPress while making sure I do not lose anything along the way.   You would be surprised at the number of ways you can mess that up when shepherding a pile pictures along the way.

In the end there were 43 images submitted by 19 different people.  Thank you all for participating!  Here is the list of those who sent in pictures, in order of when I received them.

All of you adhered to the rules, so far as I can tell, and a good percentage of you managed to follow the instructions.  I did not penalize anybody in any way because they didn’t rename their screen shots so I could identify the owner or because they decided to branch out to file formats beyond .jpg and .png.

I did save off all entries that were not JPEG into that format, just for the sake of size.  Some of you are running at 2560×1440, which makes for a sizable .png file.  I do not believe that picture quality was compromised in anyway way.

I was interested to see what people would choose to submit.  Some of you went right to the heart of the matter.  I have a number of entries that are just planets.  Others chose screen shots where planets were a looming presence, watching over our actions in space.  And they do flavor the game and give a sense of scale to what we are doing.  Have you seen a titan next to a planet or a moon?  It is so tiny that you can zoom out until it disappears and the planet will barely have changed size on your screen at all.

Cormorant Docking - Trails On

One of my favorite early EVE screen shots

So it is time to get to the winners, and all the entries, right after the cut.

And the prizes go to…

The Winner of the Mystery Code

Picking just one screen shot was no easy task.  But Nycterix’s picture mixing the new Sister of EVE Stratios, a very nice planetscape, and a the colorful local nebula won me over after many, many runs through the entries.  I was as happy to see it on the last run through as I was on the first.

Stratios in Gallente space

Stratios in Gallente space

I’m a sucker for new ships I guess.  Congratulations to Nycterix.  I will be sending him the Mystery Code from the EVE Online Second Decade Collector’s Edition.

Second Place – 100,000,000 ISK Winner

Second place goes to Cheradenine Harper for his screen shot of a Tristan above an Earth-like planet.  That screen shot just edged out a picture of a Catalyst in the asteroid belt of a ringed gas giant.  However, since he submitted that picture as well, I suppose nobody has to feel like they almost won.

Home at Sunrise

Home at Sunrise

I will be sending him 100 million ISK in-game.

Honorable Mention – 50,000,000 ISK Winner

While I only committed to the previous two awards, I felt I should have one for the best planet-only screen shot.  I am clearly influenced by space ships and nebula and other distractions.  So I wanted to give something out for the most interesting looking planet shot.  That was not easy.  In the end I had to go with Hull Nightstar’s back lit planet.

Moody, back lit planet

Moody, back lit planet

Prize Delivery

The Mystery Code should be in Nycterix in-box already.  Likewise, the winners of the ISK prizes should have seen their in-game wallet balance increase appropriately already.  So they knew they won before this post went up, though I did not tell them which entry of theirs took the prize.

And Everybody Else

Thank you so much for sending in your screen shots.  It was interesting to see what people chose to send it, and I am a bit surprised that I picked what I did in the end.  I am a sucker for ringed gas giants and action shots, so I was almost disappointed that Alikchi sent me a screen shot that seemed tailor made to play to my biases.  I felt that the first entry was going to win.  And then more people sent in pictures and picking winners got tough.

Here is a gallery of all of the contest entries.  You can go through them and tell me if I picked the right winners.  The titles are (mostly) what people put in their entries.  If there was no title, I made one up.

9 thoughts on “Show Me The Planets Contest Results

  1. bhagpuss

    You might want to hire on as a consultant to SOE on how to run contests for MMOs. They just had another debacle at Landmark that got everyone’s backs up. And yes, very nice space eye-candy.


  2. Cheradenine Harper

    Hooray for me! Not sure how I came in 2nd against the quality of the competition but glad you liked it. I’m going to do a little more sightseeing than I have been of late. Inspiring shots everyone. Thanks TAGN.


  3. Robyn Aurilen

    Grats to the winners, some damn gorgeous screenshots there! Hope to see more contests like this at some point, was fun taking part :)


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