But That is the Name the Random Generator Gave Me!

My pal Xyd sent me this picture from the new character creation screen in WoW.


Random name generators are always fun, but since he was making a Panderan, was the name generator trying to make a joke about Chinese names?

5 thoughts on “But That is the Name the Random Generator Gave Me!

  1. skullfish

    Erm…no, not a joke about Chinese names, more to do about slang name for your bobbitt/Johnson/dobber lol


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @skullfish – Yes, I know what shlong (or schlong as I would spell it) is a euphemism for. I took that as read. I was more referring to the Western tradition of seeing such euphemisms in Chinese names. (e.g. Long Wang)


  3. Ming

    Out of curiosity, I Googled “Shilong,” which is what I’d approximate Shlong as in Chinese, and, well, there are actual places in China named such! So, on one hand, it is probably just a coincidence that one of the random names sounds like “schlong” and Blizzard is not actually trying to make a dick joke here. On the other hand, I guess Chinese names are still number one for dick jokes!


  4. wowstorylines

    You just made me snort my coffee, yes, that random generator has been coming up with some real interesting stuff of late. *giggles manically* wonder if Blizz has a computer that has developed artificial intelligence and is out to screw everything up?


  5. skullfish

    No probs, just checking….and yes the schoolboy inside me would laugh at any such names…purile I know but hey can’t be grown ups all the time.


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