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Diablo III – Reaper of Souls Goes Live

The day has come, the Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, has launched.  Death is here, or so they tell me.


It had the big midnight launch, like so many past Blizzard games and expansions.  And I am not buying it.

Well, not today at least.

I have been enjoying Diablo III since the 2.0 version dropped.  The changes improved the game for me a great deal.  I am happy with that, and I do not miss the auction house one bit.

I also like a lot of what the expansion has to offer.

Reaper of Souls info

Reaper of Souls info

But I am still playing through the main campaign.  While the prospect of a 100% experience bonus weekend was somewhat enticing… that was there last minute, pre-expansion hook… and I would like to be level 60 just to have all the skills and such unlocked before I hit the expansion… other games came first for most of the last week.  Diablo III isn’t at the top of the list, so I play it when I am done with other things.  World of Warcraft still has the top spot, so I get to Diablo III when I am done playing with my daughter, or the instance group, or Gaff, or doing more of  ‘Operation Mounts & Bags’ with Earl.

I did find some play time… I had a big chunk during our EVE Online corp meeting, though I had to play with the sound off so as not to interrupt tired jokes and whining… and managed to get well into Act III and up to level 46.  I got past Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony, and into the fields before Bastion’s Keep.

Ghom is just gross

Ghom is just gross

Loot drops have also continued to keep the game interesting.  When you get something epic, it is time to stop and consider how you are playing your character.  I have respec’d for a good two handed weapon in the past.  In Act III I got an epic one handed spear that made me go back to spear and shield mode.


Arreat’s Law

Not only is it a powerful weapon, but the model for it looks really good and the way my barbarian wields and strikes with it sells it in a big way.  Plus, it has a pulsing enchant effect on it that I would pay a lot of gold to have in WoW.

But I am still in Act III all the same, maybe two thirds of the way through at this point.  And there is still Act IV to face.  Once I am done with that I will probably look into Reaper of Souls.  But for now I am happy with what I have.

Picture of the Day – Attack Chopper Cat

Gaff has belatedly wandered back to World of Warcraft with the rest of us.  He can now join us in our wait for Warlords of Draenor.  But he is just getting started with Mists of Pandaria, so he has a little while until he hits level cap.  His druid was the first of his characters into Pandaria, and he was in cat form when he jumped into the gyrocopter strafing mission.

Attack Cats are Go!

Attack Cats are Go!

I cannot tell if he is calling for blood or just terrified.  That is not a naturally tenable position for a cat.