Blizzard Isn’t Giving You a Free Copy of Warlords of Draenor

[Edit added Apr 28, 2016: Unless of course they are, as noted here.]

More on the phishing front.  This arrived in my spam folder with the incongruous subject line:

Gift-Boost a character to Level 90 when you pre-purchase Warlords of Draenor!

That sounds like an announcement asking you to buy the expansion, but the graphic inside purports to have a code for a free copy of the expansion.



This looks to be built on the same template as the Reaper of Souls phishing attempt I mentioned back in January.  The game key is likely just as valid, which is to say not valid at all.

Of course, the most egregious part of the whole thing is the statement that the expansion will go live at noon on December 20, 2014.  I am not sure some of us can wait that long.

8 thoughts on “Blizzard Isn’t Giving You a Free Copy of Warlords of Draenor

  1. R

    I’ve always wondered why those guys don’t spend a few bucks to get someone to actually write it in believable english. Every single custom-written sentence in there is identifiably not something that Blizzard would ever send out. “you become”, “a update”, “this game”, “Now you can activate this game” as a sentence and “this game” again in there.

    How about:

    “Congratulations, you are one of 50,000 lucky players to win a free key to World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor! While the game itself won’t be released until Fall of 2014 you can apply your free game key now to enjoy an instant character boost to 90 immediately! To redeem the license key above simply click on the following link and follow the instructions that will be provided:”

    (of course, it would still require a corrupted link and people should know enough not to click links in unsolicited e-mail even from a known sender but not tweaking the text to actually sound realistic is destroying their potential phishing market)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @R – Indeed. Yet the fact that they keep sending them the way they are at least implies that somewhere, somebody is still falling for this now and again, broken English and all. The mind boggles.


  3. Anonymous

    I got it also but the funny thing is its to a email I have not even associated woththe game. What tards. :-p


  4. Anonymous

    LOL they’ll keep trying. Usually the good stuff comes to the main email and never ends in the junk folder. Even when I get a code or something from blizzard I manually log into battle net and manually enter any code needed.


  5. WoW Ultimatum

    I received the same thing too! Not sure whether or not is it a scam. If it is, I’m so dissapointed.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @WoW Ultimatum: It is totally and completely a scam. I hope you didn’t click on the link and enter your account information.

    Also, I hope you’re not just using my comment thread to try and advertise your own gold making blog, which seems to be a bit of a scam as well. Let me just snip out those links so we stay pure.


  7. Joey

    Dang, I thought it was my lucky day to score a free $50. I don’t play anymore, so I was just gonna sell if it was legit. Well good news to know. Wow should put this up to help save some people if it is pretty widespread. I wouldn’t know to much.


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