The Elder Scrolls Online – It’s Here

Today is the official go-live date for The Elder Scrolls Online.  I was a bit skeptical about them hitting their target in good order, especially after a couple of the beta weekends, but here we are.

I'm skeptical about that date...

The Date has Arrived

And what I have read online so far seems to indicate that things are going well.  SynCaine, something of a bellwether on this front for me due to his past investment in Skyrim and such, making him a good point for telling whether this is really an Elder Scrolls game or not, seemed to be happy during the head start.  I will take that as a good omen.  And I like his advice on how to approach such a game.

I am still not ready to dive in.  The game isn’t off my list, but I really don’t feel the need to go some place new right now.  I am still in the midst of reliving 2008 or some such with WoW and Pokemon and the like.  But when the usual Summer instance group hiatus comes and I have ground out all the factions in Azeroth I can stand and it is time for a vacation in some different world, TESO is very likely candidate.

Others looking at launch day (as I find them):


8 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online – It’s Here

  1. coppertopper

    Doesn’t it feel great to not be part of an mmo launch! There is so much good stuff right now to keep me occupied for at least the first 3 months of ESO’s burn in period and I couldn’t be happier. Even better – like you noted from syncains appraisal – there is an actual pretty good game waiting for when the time is right to jump in.


  2. Ming

    So. Am I the only one who’s noticed the “Edler Scrolls Online” typo in the title? Is it an injoke I’m missing? There’s actually several posts under the tag of “The Edler Scrolls Online”…


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Ming – That’s more a “spell check doesn’t work in the title field and I never go back and look at it before I schedule a post” sort of issue. It has happened before, it will happen again.


  4. Pitrelli

    I don’t see things going well for ESO long term. The closed world albeit large scale PvP will come back to bite them. People will burn out on it (see gw2 wvw) and there is no alternatives. No battlegrounds, no arenas, no true wpvp.

    On another point it’s funny syncaine can’t just admit he is enjoying playing a ‘themepark’ MMO, the supposed sandbox elements he refers to in ESO are actually in a lot of traditional theme park mmos in general.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @sleepysam – I did a bit of that during open beta. That was enough. I don’t have room at the moment for another “main” game and I don’t want to buy and subscribe just to play in dribs and drabs. Summer is the likely time frame for me.


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