Coming Soon – Burn Jita 3

People have been wondering in the EVE forums if Burn Jita is going to happen again this year. There has been no official announcement so far.

But finally, we have a clear sign… someone has started making posters for it!  The rule is always, first Photoshop, then action!

Zombie Metaphor Time

Zombie Metaphor Time

Self-proclaimed Goon nemesis Gevlon has already been proposing a plan to defeat Burn Jita this time around.  Has to be better than last year’s approach that largely involved ignoring the whole thing.  That worked out so well.  The PLEX to dollar count, beloved link bait metric of gaming sites, pegged the losses at $27,000.

What is going to happen this year?

Addendum: Further hints that it is coming.

13 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Burn Jita 3

  1. Noizy

    I wouldn’t say it was ignored. I put it down to good diplomacy by the Goons. RvB switched sides and acted as a defender for the GSF against corps that wardec’d Goons in an attempt to put up a defense.


  2. Rammstein

    “Has to be better than last year’s approach that largely involved ignoring the whole thing. That worked out so well. ”

    Yes, I found ignoring it to work out quite well for me. Thanks for coming and killing my competitors again :)


  3. Rammstein

    “bypass” and “overlook” are both listed as synonyms for ignore. I bypassed Burn Jita, they overlooked it; these are indeed different reactions. My reply was more in the spirit of mildly amusing wordplay, rather than a semantical challenge.


  4. Knug

    I didn’t notice Burn Jita 2 – so, that excludes ignore. You can’t ignore what you don’t notice, as ignore implies intent.

    Burn Jita 3 won’t make a fig of difference in my world.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Knug – I have apparently tapped a previously hidden vein of pedantry by using the word “ignore.”

    So, to toss this back at you in that spirit, I will ask if you knew about Burn Jita 2 in advance. If you knew about it, ignore may still be valid, whether or not you saw any aspect of it.


  6. Rammstein

    ig·nore [ig-nawr, -nohr] Show IPA
    verb (used with object), ig·nored, ig·nor·ing.
    to refrain from noticing or recognizing.

    1. notice

    Just going to leave this here.


  7. Random Poster

    I’ve been reading Gevlon’s blog off and on but more steadily recently. Not sure what to make of his whole GRR project and the POCO thing. Whether it is actually a nuisance to Goons or him just pissing in to the wind.

    Thing is, I think a lot of what he says could work, his problem is getting people to actually do it during Burn Jita.

    Regardless his comments section almost always entertains :D


  8. Rammstein

    ” Not sure what to make of his whole GRR project and the POCO thing.”

    I’m not sure anyone is sure what to make of it. I’ll say this though: For a third party in this conflict, making fun of Gevlon for it is wrong. Either he is hurting Goons with it, and it’s working; or the naysayers are correct, and he’s actually helping Goons by providing them with content and motivation. In the first case there’s nothing to make fun of him for, in the second case he’s clearly working for the Mittani as a fifth columnist, and making fun of him is nonsensical. ;)


  9. Knug

    @Rammstein – This definition is absurd. You cannot refrain from noticing something. While refraining from acknowledging or recognizing is entirely possible (as both are willed actions), one cannot refrain from noticing something. Refrain, again, suggests a willful action. I cannot unsee something. Either I saw the fire hydrant or I did not. If my brain has registered the fire hydrant, I cannot claim to have not noticed it. I cannot ignore a hydrant that I have not noticed, but I can ignore one that I have noticed. Ignoring something implies the willful act of noticing something and then intentionally pretending that you have not noticed it.

    Following the discussion. I became aware of BJ 2 due to the discussion of it being a “failure” in comparison to the original. As I don’t go to Jita regularly and have never flown a freighter there, I can honestly say that if BJ 2 were to have affected me, it was through the most ephemeral connection through the pricing in a remote or regional market.


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