Landmark – In Which I Claim

My seven days of Landmark wind up today, so I thought I would use a little bit of the remaining time to take one more look.

My main goal was just to stake a claim, just because I could.  I was prompted by Liore’s guide to doing just that, because I realized I had all the materials.  So why not?  So I got on last night, after the update and the downtime and look for a place to call my own.  First, I made my claim flag.

Claim Flag

Claim Flag

Then I started looking around for a likely spot.

I wasn’t all that picky, but I also did not want to wander too far from the spires and the crafting stations… and apparently neither did anybody else.  So finding a claim turned out to be a little tricky.  I did end up being able to wedge myself into a spot between all the buffer zones.

Red means no!

Red means no!

You can see the amount of buffer SOE gives claims… that is the red zone… relative to the size of an actual claim… the little orange cubes.  But they didn’t quite squeeze me out.

Then it was time to figure out how to do something with my little patch of Landmark.  Initially I was not too impressed.

Little Blocks

Little Blocks

How long would it take to construct something using tiny little blocks?  Then I figured out that I could make the blocks bigger with the scroll wheel.  I discovered this by accident, trying to zoom the camera out.  The camera controls are pretty primitive, and I keep trying to move the camera to get a better shot of something, only to run into a wall.  Ah well.

Still, with bigger blocks, I decided to build upwards, so as to maximize the eyesore nature of my attempt.

Ascending into the sky

Ascending into the sky

I ended up creating a spiral set of blocks around a central spire in order to keep building higher and higher.  Eventually I had to start making the spiral bit wider, as I started falling off now and again, and the higher you go the more annoying it is to get back up when you fall.

Speaking of falling, I did manage to fall through the earth.

Oh, that shouldn't be there

Oh, that shouldn’t be there

It isn’t really an MMO beta if you haven’t fallen through the earth yet.  So I am set on that achievement.

Eventually I ran out of green earth material and had to switch over to a worked stone pattern that looked like wood.  Then I started to tire of the whole thing, so I built a platform, jammed a huge sphere onto it.  Seeing that I still had materials left, I jammed a big cube on top of that.  Then I went looking for a way to take a screen shot of my monstrosity.

Again, camera controls are primitive.

I ran up a nearby hill and tried to capture its ungainly nature.  You can sort of see it.  Physics need not apply.

My platform things

My platform things

Then I went back down to the base to sign it in yet another material I hadn’t used up.

Guess who?

Guess who?

I learned how to write in blocks back on the Atari 2600.  The “Video Graffiti” mode in the Surround game cartridge taught me much.

And that was about it for Landmark.

I did pay up my claim for as long as I was allowed.  But in 5 days and 22 hours it will be gone.

Claim Upkeep

Claim Upkeep

We’ll see if I end up getting an extension on my seven days in Landmark.  I suspect that if you don’t opt-in and buy a Founder’s Pack at that point, SOE is done with you, but you never know.  And, of course, even if I do get an extension, there is no guarantee that I would have any more to do in any case.

You can find my temporary awkward carbuncle on the face of the Lowland zone on the Courage server.

Addendum: Bhagpuss found me.  Do we have a new game here?  Claim hide and seek?

3 thoughts on “Landmark – In Which I Claim

  1. bhagpuss

    I am going to go and get my picture taken next to that sign!

    On camera controls and positioning, at some point we will be able to fly on claims as you can see devs doing in various videos, which will allow for a lot more flexibility when building. For now, the grappling hook is useful, providing you have something to grapple. I have some tall trees on my claim so that works.


  2. Syl (@Gypsy_Syl)

    Landmark is the first game where I’ve actually met several people from the blogosphere, so from that PoV it’s already special to me :) (didn’t manage to contact Bhag yet, he seems to ignore my ingame whispers pfff!). it does make it very easy to congregate.

    Speaking of claiming though, I just made the rather nasty experience of losing my entire claim due to upkeep this last weekend, so I’m with Tobold in hoping they change the harsh timer soon. it’s an especially distressing feeling of seeing everything you built and put lots of effort in gone, backup copy or not.


  3. Ardent Defender

    Sounds like my kind of game. I remember being among the first 30k players in Secondlife when it was so new barely anyone much had heard of it. Back then their wasn’t much in the world other than open land and an open playground to crest things and designs modeling prims. Played that for 3 years mostly designing and modeling creations. Later just exploring the world. Over time that open creativity and expression turned to hell in that game with eye sores everywhere along with porn or all kind. Eventually got tired of game and moved on.

    But in a game with no checks or constrains and total freedom to of whatever, players will always find ways to push the limits right up to what they are allowed to do or enjoy. If not soon they will eventually. So hopefully SOE already have a robust plan for that.

    I personally like sandboxy games that gives you great tools and or recourses to be creative an imaginative in the game with what you choose to do or can be creative to create and add to the world as content. With so many games that hold peoples hand it’s refreshing to enter a world and try to figure out what you can do with it if you have a good set of tools or resources limited by your imagination to do so. Unfortunately that’s also the problem as they will be a group of players that push that boundary to the limits if not right over the cliff or into griefing teritory of various kind.


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