Civilization – The End of the Mongols and the Coming Conflict

Friday night we got ourselves together in the designated Google hangout in order to return to our game of Civilization V.

Mattman, Potshot, and I were ready to go, but Loghound had some guests to evict or some such, so we got the game warmed up and ready while he set about pointing people towards his front door.

Potshot restored the game from the previous week and Mattman and I were able to join just fine, so things looked good.  Loghound just had to join and we would be set.

And then somebody else showed up in our game.  Potshot kicked him.  And then he returned, taking one of the AI seats.  He got kicked again.  Somebody else showed up, just to be kicked.  Potshot fiddled around, changed himself to one of the AI seats, couldn’t figure out how to get back to the Ottomans again, and we all had to leave and restart the game.

While setting things back up, Potshot ensured that the game was flagged as private.  We joined back up.  And the parade of strangers continued to flow into our game, just to be kicked.

Join our game? That's a kicking.

Join our game? That’s a kicking.

Later we figured out that if the leader clicked the not-very-obvious ready button, it locks down the computer players and then people can no longer just appear in your game.  Until that point we were kept busy calling out people to kick.

Finally, Loghound secured his domestic situation… or abandoned it, I am not sure we actually heard what came to pass… got into the game and we were ready to pick up at turn 101.

Our first order of business was to destroy the Mongols.  Our discussion in the hangout revolved around Loghound, having started as a close neighbor of the Mongols, being involved in a protracted and bloody conflict with Ghengis Khan to the point that he was falling way behind us in almost all civilization measures.

So we resolved to all declare war on the Mongols.  Potshot, Mattman, and Loghound were all in the vicinity of the Mongols, while I was somewhat out of the picture.  I knew where one city was, so I sent some archers there, though who they eventually sided with isn’t clear.

The Mongols as I saw them...

The Mongols as I saw them…

I managed to get a couple of shots in and even managed to capture a Mongol civilian.  When informed that it had, in its turn, been captured from Japan (Loghound), and asked if I wanted to return it, I clicked “no” and remained quiet when, later, Loghound was wondering aloud where his captured settler had ended up.  Well, it was only a worked when I got it.

The Mongols were destroyed and the spoils of their civilization was divided up amongst the chief participants in the war.

Spain, the Ottomans, and Japan remain

Spain, the Ottomans, and Japan remain

I got nothing… except that worker.  Though, with the war taking place decade of travel away from my territory, I didn’t exactly put my economy on a war footing either, choosing instead focus on building infrastructure and the occasional wonder.

And then we moved into the period of the long peace.

Well, for some of us.  Loghound felt he was far enough behind that he needed to continue his martial ways in order to play a role in world affairs, so remained in almost constant conflict with the Mayans or one of the city states throughout the evening.

Religions were founded.  I spread the word about Neo-Zoroastrianism to my protesting neighbors, leaving my pamphlets wedged into their door jams when they refused to answer the door.

Otherwise I was in a bit of a tight spot.  While I came out of the war flush in gold and happiness, with a booming economy, an efficient education system, and a culture that was the envy of all the neighbors, I was pretty much boxed in to my own little corner of Pangea.  I eventually found a place to plant an additional city, but that was about the extent of my expansion.  All of the other civilizations had more cities than I, and in the fullness of time I expect my little empire will be eclipsed.  Even Loghound has more potential at the moment.  His cities will grow, if he lets them.  Mine are already reaching their capacity.

As we wrapped things up at turn 175, which put us at midnight, my little corner of the world looked like this.

Germany needs Lebensraum

Germany needs Lebensraum

The demographics chart showed me out in front in all but one key category, land area.

Demographics at Turn 175

Demographics at Turn 175

I am efficient, productive, technologically advanced, well armed, and trapped in a small area.  What does Germany usually do in such situations?

Plus, just playing Sim City in a group setting isn’t exactly thrilling.  It might be time for some conflict.  I hear Hong Kong is lovely this time of year.

8 thoughts on “Civilization – The End of the Mongols and the Coming Conflict

  1. Anonymous

    In such a situation, Germany would probably join a union with its neighbour states so all of them can prosper and help each other out during things like a financial crisis, to try to not let the last 70 years dominate thousands of years of civilisation when someone talks about a similar situation on a gaming blog on the interwebz.


  2. Peter

    Who is Petra Kelly?
    And that is the new imporved aproach. I imagine Wilhelm is still stuck in the middle ages or something. I would volunteer to fake, I mean draft a short message to give you an excuse, I mean reason to kick somethign of.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Peter – Given that you are clearly on the internet and that you could have looked that up faster than typing it, I gather that is a statement on her notoriety?

    Anyway, given my position on the map, I think the once popular phrase “Drang nach Osten” has me covered while playing the Germans. I’ll link that in case the phrase is unfamiliar, having lost favor in the last 70 years. I am sure all your neighbors remember it though.


  4. Anonymous

    @Wilhelm: Sid Meier replied he’ll wait a few years and then rework most Civilizations. He will probably just creat a big Russian Civ with Putin still pulling the strings and Germany becoming a vassal with Schröder as a marionette and sell it as a DLC to make more money.

    That then would also give the “Drang nach Osten” a whole new meaning. I liked the Petra Kelly idea though.

    When you link the “Drang nach Osten” you could maybe also give me a link to “Osten” or explain how that is put into perspective with Hong Kong and its position on the map.

    However, happy easter holidays and good work on the city names.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anon – Osten… yeah… because my real target is Bohemia… erm, Hong Kong… and not the vast player controlled Ottoman lands to my east. Ignore that spy in his capital.

    Remember, the other three players in this game actually read my blog, so drawing giant red arrows for invasion routes would be tipping my hand… even more so. We’ll see if they read the comments. Or if they need to. Germany might be beset and vanquished in short order.


  6. Anonymous

    I actually was wondering if they do and on the other hand if you use that by hiding your plans in other, written plans to achieve totally different plans…errr… i hope you know what i try to say.

    And if you go east and one time around the globe (if that is possible in Civilization) you’ll end up at Hong Kong again with no one left to vanquish the precious Pretzels. Time to play Total War (TM).


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh, they read the posts. I hear about it every week. Last week I was taken to task because I used the usual pseudonyms for myself and Potshot, but real life first names (and not their Steam handles) for Mattman and Loghound. I was informed that those handles had long and proud traditions, so had to go back and change them in the post.

    As for whether I am telegraphing my plans in advance or engaging in some sort of ruse de guerre, you will have to wait until the next installment to find out.


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