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Remembering Our Time in Zul’Gurub

Part of being able to blog regularly is having a routine.  There is a time I sit down and write and another when I review screen shots and so on.

For the Saturday night instance group, I usually sit down Sunday, start the post, sketch out what I will write, noting down some key events or interactions.  Later I go through the screen shots, which will usually stir up more memories. (Most of my screen shots are crap, but are often taken simply to capture some small detail that relates to the evenings events.)  Eventually I sit down and write the narrative out, insert the screen shots, and schedule the post.  (Anything that posts exactly on the hour here was likely scheduled in advance.)  Then Thursday morning rolls around, the post goes up, I look at it, gasp in horror at the typos, frantically try to correct them, and eventually let go and return to a stable state.

However, for the last instance group run, I totally forgot to do any of that.  Things came up at home, there were other games I wanted to play, other things I wanted to write about (I think I have had two posts a day running all week here, and I have a couple of fresh drafts I still need to finish… next week I guess) and suddenly it was a week and a half later and I found myself thinking, “Didn’t we to Zul’gurub just recently?”

Yes we did.

Now to try and actually blog about it well after the fact.

I do remember the line up… well, I remembered to take a screen shot of it.  We were:

  • Earlthecat – Level 86 Human Warrior Tank
  • Skronk – Level 86 Dwarf Priest Healing
  • Bungholio – Level 85 Gnome Warlock DPS
  • Alioto – Level 85 Night Elf Druid DPS
  • Ula – Level 85 Gnome Mage DPS

And the destination for the evening was the level 85++ instance, Zul’Gurub.

The previous week we did the raid-turned-instance Zul’Aman, which turned out to be a just-about-perfect difficulty run in a sprawling open troll themed environment.    Its companion instance, Zul’Gurub, proved to be a worthy follow on.

What I actually remember from the run after the cut.

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A Quiet Tower Shoot at KDV-DE

There was another chance to shoot things with lasers last night.  Reagalan was leading a fleet into Pure Blind to finish off one of the towers that had previously put into reinforce.  The destination was KDV-DE.

We were a little slow getting off.  There was a call to meet up at the staging POS, where those of us in Apocalypses and Megathrons were sent back to the station to grab an alternate armor resistance hardener to put in our cargo bay.  Then, at just about the point where we had all done that, the order was changed and we were sent back to the station to swap hardeners, removing one of the standard fits for the alternate.  Finally, after my third undock, we all ended up at the staging POS, ready to move out.

At the VFK staging POS

At the VFK staging POS

Then it was off to the titan for a bridge out to the target, where we warped in, spread out, and began the shoot.  Black Legion was reported online and there was the expectation that we would again face a Zealot fleet to contest our operation.

We moved in our orbits around the anchor shooting the tower, a bit tense, expecting that we would soon be switching from standard crystals, which are appropriate for a structure shoot, to higher damage crystals that we would want to use in a stand up fight.

But no Zealots showed up.   No masses of hostiles appeared in local chat.

The tower went down with the usual satisfying explosion.

Tower down

Tower down

Then Reagalan pointed us towards home.

Honestly, we were not all that far away.  There was a jump bridge a couple systems over that would bring us most of the way there.  But Reagalan was being very slow and deliberate and not a little bit cagey about moving the fleet.  He refused to say our align points or destinations in coms.  We stood still for minutes at a stretch.  Nothing happened very quickly at all.

Eventually we made it to VFK, at which point Reagalan linked us a kill mail in fleet chat that showed a Black Legion pilot in a cyno fit Devoter who just happened to die to a CFC bomber fleet in 6GWE-A while we were waiting to jump into that system.

DoomBunny popped

DoomBunny popped

The plan was apparently to drop on us as we returned from the op, catching us potentially unaware as we headed home.  Instead we cruised through the system unmolested and docked up without a fight.

Landing back at VFK station

Landing back at VFK station

Which was a bit disappointing.  A good fight would have capped the night off.  But there are more ops planned and more towers to shoot this weekend.

As usual, tourist photos from the op after the cut.

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