Burn Jita 3 – April 25-28

As I mentioned, it is coming.

The Mittani sends... well... you know

The Mittani sends… well… you know

The official announcement for Burn Jita 3 has been posted over at The Mittani… because The Mittani.

But the essential information is that it will start after downtime on April 25, 2014 and is slated to run through April 28… unless it gets extended… which is what happened last year.

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Conflict in Jita

The first Burn Jita blew up 518 billion ISK worth of ships and had everybody claiming victory, while the second passed the 573 billion ISK mark.

What will this year bring?

10 thoughts on “Burn Jita 3 – April 25-28

  1. Coubo

    The event is destroying resources rather than ISK. ISK are not +lost+ in such event but rather +created+ due to insurance payout. So this has the effect of increasing the number of ISK in the economy while also increasing the demand for resources used to build ships.


  2. Coubo

    I know you didn’t say that – I was clarifying for some potentially less informed readers as this can be confusing. Just pointing out the inflationary effect of the event on the economy, though the impact is probable small compared to null sec wars.

    Besides that, I don’t have much to say about the event. Generally still have the feeling that high sec ganking is a bit of a broken mechanic but I don’t have anything better to suggest so no comment :)


  3. Buuurn

    i dont think that many freighters are insured. It makes no sense to do it. Normally you wouldnt loose it, and the fees are very high as it is a capital ship.
    Also you dont get insurance, if you are popped by concorde.


  4. Random Poster

    Amount of ISK destroyed is typically how I see battles reported. May not like Gevlon but you can’t knock him for using the same metric everyone else does. Especially when it’s how Goons justify Burn jita by killing destroying more than they lose


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Random Poster – I am just not sure anybody actually thought, upon reading this post, that the in-game currency, ISK, was literally being destroyed.

    It seemed a bit of a left field thing to pursue, like coming up to somebody at the gas station and telling them that oil companies don’t actually pump gasoline out of the ground, but that they have to process it first. Absolutely technically correct, but not exactly something under debate at the moment.

    We measure loss in terms of currency all the time in the real world. It seems to me to be a pretty commonly grasped concept.

    Now, if you want to get into the beloved metric of headline writers everywhere, we can talk about the rather dubious prospect of converting ISK into real world currency values by converting the ISK valuations into PLEX and PLEX into their real world cost. I have actually had to explain to a few people that nobody lost any actual real world money at the battle of B-R5RB despite the headlines about $300,000+ in ships being destroyed. Once you buy PLEX, you no longer have that real world money, it was gone from that moment forward. PLEX cannot be redeemed for real world currency and so cannot be treated as a convertible instrument.

    Which won’t make the headline editor even flinch for a second.

    Though, with the price of PLEX in-game going up, the real world valuation of ISK is going down, so those numbers might not be as impressive as they have been in the past.

    There, have I given everybody something more meaty to discuss?


  6. Random Poster

    Sorry Wilhelm, That was aimed at Druur’s comment. I assumed he was being sarcastic in reference to Gevlon claiming some kind of victory based on ISK/ship value destroyed


  7. Druur Monakh

    Well, “positive ISK balance” rolls easier from the tongue than the more correct “some random metric which did absolutely nothing to actually curb the magnitude of destruction wrought”. But yes, I was being sarcastic.


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