EVE Monument – Plate Row 5 and Column 3 Line Number 107

Back in February CCP announced that they were going to put up a monument to EVE Online and its players in Reykjavik harbor.

Monument, pictured in a temperate marsh

Monument, pictured in the pleozoic era

Part of the plan was to engrave player names around the base of the monument.  They even put out a special deal that let you subscribe for just $10 during the time frame they were collecting the names. (Though CCP then slipped the “must be active” date out from March 1 to March 31, so I wonder is some people who paid their $10 didn’t get on the monument.)

Another part of the plan was to unveil the monument at EVE Fanfest this year.  And here we are; EVE Fan Fest is under way in Iceland.  There have been all sorts of announcements so far about EVE:Valkyrie, Katee Sackhoff, something that sounds suspiciously like DUST 514 on the PC, modules getting rebalanced in EVE Online, new ships coming to the game, and older ships getting some much needed attention.

Phoenix pilots arise from the ashes!

Will the Phoenix arise from the ashes? Nah

And there was also the monument reveal.  It is now available for viewing in Reykjavik harbor.

However, if you cannot get to Iceland, the monument page on the EVE Online web site has a name finder tool now, so you can find out where your character name is located.  I immediately went to check out where Wilhelm Arcturus.  The too, which is in “beta” found me at the location listed in the title, pulled up an image of the correct panel, and highlighted the name.

Wilhelm Arcturus?

Wilhelm Arcturus? William Amturus?

Unfortunately, the name isn’t exactly readable.  Part of the beta thing is that the name finder apparently does not yet successfully find all of the names engraved on the monument.  I hope that higher resolution pictures are also on the list of things to do.

My home plate

My home plate

It would be nice to be able to read not only my own name, but to see what sort of neighborhood I am in.  People who have their character names in all caps certainly have an advantage in this right now.  I cannot find me, but I can see FLUFFYPEANUTS FLUFFY in there.

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  1. Mazer Darklighter

    Kinda slow on the draw here (I blame jet lag + con crud), but I grabbed a shot of your neighbors:

    There’s about a dozen total with a few zoomed further out if you’re interested.


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