Newbie Blogger Initiative Class of 2014

The Newbie Blogger Initiative has run its month of new blogger recruiting this year.


While I haven’t contributed anything to this year’s event, aside from pointing at it briefly a month back, I thought I would take a moment to list out all of the new blogs that have joined the ranks of the insane over worked those who came before.  It looks like a total of 35 45 new blogs participated in the event. (Did I miss anybody?)  Please take a little time to check out our new neighbors in the blogesphere.

Past history says that only 25-30% of this group will still be blogging a year from now.  Who looks like they will make it for the long haul?

Too soon?

Addendum: I missed a few blogs, only finding the definitive list long after I wrote this post.

2 thoughts on “Newbie Blogger Initiative Class of 2014

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Given that the Eve community just had a huge hole open, I do hope that some new Eve bloggers do step up.


  2. bhagpuss

    I did nothing this year either other than flag it up when it began. I don’t have anything new to offer and I thought some of the advice on offer this year (particularly from Murf and J3w3l) was really top-notch so I didn’t see much point just re-iterating what other people were saying.

    The last two years I’ve added all the participating blogs to my Blogroll but its now ridiculously long so I decided not to do that this time. Because Blogger floats freshly updated blogs to to the top of the list there’s no absolute reason I should remove inactive blogs and I don’t like to do it (Potshot only posts about once a year, for example, but it’s always worth reading when it comes). All the same, the blogroll on Inventory Full now descends so far that I find it actively annoying to scroll past to get to my own recent posts list. I don’t want to add a whole lot more that, as you point out, may be inactive in a matter of weeks.

    That said, the NBI is a Jolly Good Thing and next time round I will try to make more of an effort. Good luck to all the new bloggers and here’s to many more to come.


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