Fippy Darkpaw – Underfoot Unlock Vote Fails

Another update in my sporadic attempts to cover and track the Fippy Darkpaw time locked progression server timeline while neither playing on the server nor actually paying all that much attention to EverQuest in general.

The rumor which I mentioned yesterday appeared to be true.  Last night my computer was finally able to find its way to the EverQuest forums… I wasn’t really interested in doing any work at my end to compensate for SOE’s blunder… and found the following from Roshen of the community service team:

The players on Fippy Darkpaw have voted not to unlock Underfoot at this time. This vote will remain available and players will still be able to vote to unlock Underfoot. The server will check every other Monday for the outcome of each voting period.

So for the first time in over two years, since the last of the three Gates of Discord down votes, it appears that an expansion unlock vote has failed on the Fippy Darkpaw server.

Dwarves feature...

Maybe they don’t like dwarves?

I do not really know why it failed.  At this point the raiding guilds appear to be the largest segment of the population on the server, and they have generally been very much in favor of advancing to the next expansion.  There was, as I noted, a rumor in the forums that members of one of the raiding guilds wanted more time to farm the Seeds of Destruction content for gear before advancing, but it doesn’t seem like one guild could swing the vote that way.  Then again, there were the usual complaints about the voting system not working for some people, so maybe they could.

Otherwise, I am not sure what it could be.  I haven’t heard that the Underfoot expansion itself, which went live back in December 2009, was particularly objectionable.  Yes, it had the “jump on the bandwagon” addition of achievements, which managed to capture a lot of the bad aspects about them without much of the shiny happy goodness, but otherwise nothing really noxious came with the expansion that I know of.  Maybe it is a meta game thing between the guilds.

No matter what though, it will have to wait until the next vote.

Meanwhile, there was a sad trombone moment for the accompanying Vulak’Aerr progression server, which also got a chance to vote on the Underfoot expansion, which turned out to be in error.

The vote for Vulak’Aerr to unlock the Underfoot expansion should not have happened on that server. The team plans on reverting this server back to Seeds of Destruction. Players on Vulak’Aerr will need to defeat the content from Seeds of Destruction before they can vote to unlock Underfoot.

Get back to work Vulak guilds!

So the Seeds of Destruction expansion remains live on both of the time locked progression servers at this point.

Seeds of Destruction cover

Seeds of Destruction cover

And on the game goes.

The timeline of the server, as I have been able to chart it over the years.  As always, if you have any dates I can add to this, leave me a comment.

  • Fippy Darkpaw server goes live with classic EQ content, February 15, 2011
  • Classic EverQuest competed, February 24, 2011
  • Ruins of Kunark unlocked, June 6, 2011
  • Ruins of Kunark completed, June 19, 2011
  • Scars of Velious unlocked, August 29, 2011
  • Scars of Velious completed, September 14, 2011
  • Shadows of Luclin unlocked, November 21, 2011
  • Shadows of Luclin completed, December 4, 2011
  • Planes of Power unlocked, February 13, 2012
  • Lost Dungeons of Norrath unlocked, March 12, 2012
  • Legacy of Ykesah unlocked, March 12, 2012
  • Gates of Discord unlock vote fails, May 7, 2012
  • Gates of Discord unlock vote fails, May 21, 2012
  • Gates of Discord unlock vote fails, June 4, 2012
  • Gates of Discord unlocked at last, June 18, 2012
  • Omens of War unlocked, September 10, 2012
  • Omens of War complete, September 12, 2012
  • Dragons of Norrath unlocked without a vote, November 13, 2012
  • Prophecy of Ro completed, April 26, 2013
  • The Serpent’s Spine unlocked, July 16, 2013
  • The Serpent’s Spine complete, July 19, 2013
  • The Buried Sea unlock vote goes up, September 23, 2013
  • The Buried Sea unlocked, October 7, 2013
  • The Buried Sea complete, October 9, 2013
  • Echoes of Faydwer complete, ~end of January 2014
  • Seeds of Destruction unlocked, May 1, 2014
  • Seeds of Destruction complete, May 12, 2014
  • Underfoot unlock vote fails, July 14, 2014

6 thoughts on “Fippy Darkpaw – Underfoot Unlock Vote Fails

  1. tsuhelm

    Not having played EQ (Shock horror!) I dont get the voting bit? Servers have to complete an expansion for the next one?
    Why how what?

    Is it a good idea?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @tsuhelm – If you’re picking up the story now, you’re a little late to the party.

    Basically, back in 2011 SOE opened up one (and then two, because it was very popular) special “progression server,” Fippy Darkpaw. The idea was that people would play through the game, expansion by expansion. Once the content was “done” (which is to say, some guild killed the final raid boss), the community on the server would then vote whether or not to unlock the next expansion.

    This was the second time SOE did this. The first time, back in 2007, the raids got finished so fast that expansions were deploying very quickly, much to the annoyance of non-raiders, so SOE added a “time lock” feature this time around which essentially put a timer between when the content was “done” and when the vote to unlock could take place. 60 days was the setting, if I recall right, plus a week or so for the vote. You can see the timeline in the post.

    It was a pretty neat idea. When the server launched, there was very much the air of EQ in the old days with lots of grouping and camping mobs in the old zones. I have a bunch of entries on those days if you want to go back and look at posts from Feb, Mar, and Apr of 2011. Or you can follow the Fippy Darkpaw tag and real the whole story.

    In Apr of 2011 the great SOE hacking shut down happened and we sort of fell off the horse when it came to the Fippy Darkpaw server, but I kept going with updates when I could find them. At one point I foreswore any more updates, and summarized the effort so far, but I keep coming back.


  3. bhagpuss

    I wonder if they’ll go for a third round of Progression Server fun when Fippy finally catches up to current content? At the rate it’s going I would guess there might well have been a sufficient gap since Fippy started for there to be enough interest to justify going again.

    Given how successful the whole concept has been for EQ it’s also quite surprising they haven’t tried it for EQ2, although maybe there just aren’t enough expansions there to make it work.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @bhagpuss – Even now I have notes for a post about the chances for another EQ progression server. Maybe I’ll get to it next week… or tomorrow. It depends on how I feel about the post I already have in progress for tomorrow… that feeling is “lackadaisical but obligated” at the moment, but that could change.

    For EQ2… there have been so many fundamental changes to that game over the last decade that I suspect SOE wouldn’t attempt it. Maybe, just maybe, they might try some sort of hard core, special rules, some features turned off special server for All Access customers to try. But as “oh wow cool, I remember this” a 2004 EQ2 server would be for about 20 minutes, I suspect it would only attract a very small following in the long run, making it not worth the effort SOE would have to make.

    Still… SOE does surprise me… in a positive way… now and again.


  5. Talarian

    Given how quickly these expansions are being “completed” with final bosses being taken down 2 to 3 days after the expansion unlocking, I wonder what that says about the difficulty of EQ raid content? Might not be much, given strategies exist on the Internet for this stuff and a lot of these folks probably did the content when it was fresh, but could be an interesting thought experiment.


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