What is the “Go To” Site for Your Game?

I often mention, and link to, Feldon and his site EQ2 Wire when writing about EverQuest II.


For me, that is the “go to” site for information and analysis of what is going on with the game.  And that is all the site focuses on, so there is nothing else there to get in the way.

As a site, because of its focus, it helps me keep in touch with a game that I might otherwise have drifted well away from.  Not that drifting away would be a bad thing, and sometimes I think I ought to just let it go as the songs says.  But I remain an interested observer for a game that was once my main focus.

I like having such a site available, all the more so when it focuses on a game I play.  Back in the day Allakhazam used to be the “go to” site for EverQuest, though once it became a commercial site (owned by gold sellers at one point) it lost some of its edge and relevance, so today it is barely good for press releases.

And with World of Warcraft there is always WoW Insider.  Its main problem is that, as another commercial site, it has to publish daily, even if there is nothing to say.  They can’t just say, “no news today.”  And they also live in the shadow of Blizzard itself, which does a good job of putting information out on its own site, such that if you follow the official feed something like WoW Insider can feel redundant.

But for most MMOs I don’t really have a “go to” site that I know and trust.  I can always get the press release over at Massively.  If I want to know about NCsoft’s financials or the latest updates for Runescape, MMO Fallout has me covered.  And I suppose I have double coverage for EVE Online with TMC and EN24, though I don’t feel that either site covers the game as well as they could for various political/editorial reasons.  TMC covers a lot of other stuff these days, while EN24 spends a lot of time regurgitating blog posts. (Including my own for a while, because ISK.)

But for dedicated coverage for Rift or GuildWars 2 or EverQuest, or any number of other MMOs, I don’t really have a place to go aside from the official sites, which can be very hit an miss, or sites that cover a lot of games, in which case things often get lost in the blur.

So today I am wondering what site you go to for coverage of your chosen MMO.  What sites will that niche for the various games?

11 thoughts on “What is the “Go To” Site for Your Game?

  1. bhagpuss

    Dulfy is the Allakhazam of her day. She has accurate walkthroughs for GW2 posted within hours of all new content that hits GW2. Don’t think she’s much for news though.

    I also rely heavily on EQ2Wire. I bet when Feldon made EQNWire and mirrored the EQ2 content there until he had some EQNext news he wasn’t expecting that to last years! I wish he’d also cover Everquest but he virtually never mentions it.

    I actually think of TAGN as a solid news resource for MMOs, particularly Everquest and SOE in general. If it wasn’t for you I would know nothing about Pokemon or Civilization or EVE for that matter, although I get the more technical side of the CCP story from The Nosey Gamer.


  2. bhagpuss

    Oh, and mustn’t forget Niami Denmother at EQ and EQ2 Crafters. She limits her attention to crafting but she covers it exhaustively. Essential bookmarking for anyone who plays either EQ.


  3. carson63000

    To be honest, I get most of my updates from the general news at Massively.

    I get my Diablo III news from DiabloFans and my Hearthstone news from Hearthpwn, but that’s about it for game-specific sites for me at the moment.


  4. zaphod6502

    EVE Online – TMC and EN24. They are both biased though as TMC hates EN24 and EN24 hates TMC (all that grrr Goons crap). On the balance of it I prefer TMC as they have more content on a wider range of subjects.

    The Joystick.com affiliates you mention above used to be good but are now basically paid PR mouthpieces for the major MMO’s. I generally avoid them now.

    For more general gaming and unbiased news – http://www.rockpapershotgun

    The Games forum at whirlpool.net.au is a surprisingly good source of hype free information from normal gamers.

    My own clans forums are very good as we have members who seem to be able to hoover up news snippets from many different sources.

    I also subscribe to a whole bunch of random twitter feeds from individuals who follow MMO’s.

    But TAGN and Syncaine are always my daily go to sites. You both have the ability to post in plain terms and always manage to cut through the marketing bullshit.


  5. Stabs

    I think /r/eve is very good. I also use my blog by putting blogs I like on what is now a huge blog roll and showing the ten most recent posts.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    For me Reddit combines all of the problems of forums with an even worse interface. There may be good information there, but the experience of the site means I avoid going there if at all possible.

    @Bhagpuss – I try not to be a news source, expressing mostly opinions rather than restating facts. My opinion is that very dubious “value add” that I provide here. But that I am out there expressing an opinion and linking to some news can be a sign that news has, in fact, occurred.


  7. sean

    I’ll put another plug in for Dulfy: I was looking for a Patreon link on her site the other day, as I visit so often I figured I should support it!

    TSWDB, The Secret World Database, is the goto site for me for in-depth info for Secret World (my current thing).

    For The Record is *the* site for Word of Tanks/ World of Warplanes/ World of Warships news: the sheer volume of stuff that guy posts is amazing, and his contacts within Wargaming leak him very juicy info.


  8. Kevin Brill (@kevinbrill)

    Riftgrate should give you everything you need to know about Rift. I was on riftjunkies but stumbled across RG and haven’t looked back.

    Interestingly enough, for builds and guides, the official forums are hands down the place to go. It is quite the opposite of the cesspool that many other official forums tend to be.


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