Preparing for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

[Addendum: Since I am getting a lot of search traffic on this, I describe how to transfer Pokemon from Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver in the middle the post linked here.]

When I finished up Pokemon Y a month back, I felt like I was about done with the game.  I can be very focused and very goal oriented when it comes to short-to-medium sized tasks.

This is how, as an example, I have been able to tackle some of the Loremaster achievement tasks as readily as I have.  The achievement is broken up into a series of smaller tasks, each of which the player can take on individually.  Handing me the sum total of quests to be done would be too much.  But zone by zone, it isn’t so bad… for the most part.

After finishing up Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms I hit something of a wall.  Facing the prospect of Outland, I didn’t really log into the game for about a week.

And so it was with Pokemon.  While I played Pokemon Y over the course of nearly four months, I ended up doing it in essentially three focused sprints, with the last one, end goal in sight, probably being equal in duration to the other two combined.  And at the end of that last sprint, mission complete, I was ready to put Pokemon down for a bit.

But after a couple of weeks away, my interest in the game has started to grow again.  This has largely be because of the upcoming release of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

PokemonAlphaOmega_450My daughter and I are already set to play.  She has picked Omega Ruby as her title, so I will be playing Alpha Sapphire.  We just have to take out jar of coins down to the CoinStar machine and turn that cash into an Amazon gift card to be ready to pre-order.  We are good to go there.  And the launch date, November 21, isn’t that far away.

But it is Nintendo who has been driving my interest a bit.  They have had a couple of special download events to keep people interested while also putting out new bits and pieces of information about the new game to build excitement.  Polygon has created a special section on their site devoted to Pokemon, so I have been gorging on information there.  One of the latest tidbits to come down about the upcoming titles is the return of the secret base.

The secret base idea was part of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl back in the day, as part of the whole underground environment where you could play with other people (and actually see them running around) over WiFi.  That was one of the great features those titles, my daughter and I spent hours just tooling around in the underground. But it was also one of those features that lasted for just that generation and went away with the next.

A base back in the day

A base back in the day

Pokemon games are rife with such features, each version having a couple that disappear with the next.  And while there are some you don’t miss, others stick with you.  So the fact that there is going to be some form of secret base again that others can visit, including the whole flag stealing mechanic, is a pretty big deal for me aside from the whole “place of your own” housing aspect.

So that has gotten me interested in getting ready for the new versions to come out.  But the question of what to do still stands.  I have started going out and collecting some of the “new with X and Y” Pokemon to transfer over when the time is ripe… just in case I go insane and decide I need to fill out the National Pokedex again.  Nintendo has also put up a guide to collecting all of the mega stones for mega-evolutions.  It is a downloadable PDF file.  While the whole mega evolution aspect of Pokemon X and Y wasn’t a big deal to me, I might as well complete the set while I have the chance.

I will have to go through the guide book for Pokemon X and Y to see if there are any other things I ought to do before the new versions come out.  I always buy the official guide.  It isn’t strictly necessary to get through the main story line… though if you put the game down for a few weeks, it can help you regain your orientation when you return… but for activities outside of the main story the official guide can be invaluable.  And while, in this day and age, there is always some place online where you can find the information for free, I have a good deal of fun sitting in bed or on the couch or someplace else away from my computer and leafing through the book, looking up where to find a particular item or Pokemon, and then running off to get it.  The key bit there is “away from my computer” where I spend most of my time.

So clearly some excitement is building within me for the new release.  Even looking at the map they have put up of the Hoenn region makes me happy.

Hoenn region revamped

Hoenn region revamped

I can practically see the story laid out there and all of the places I will go.

Of course, if I really wanted to get myself ready for the possibility of another run at the National Pokedex, I would get out my copy of Pokemon White and finish that up.  That would give me access to a pile of Pokemon in that game as well as being the only route to move some of my rares from Pokemon SoulSilver, where I did the National Pokedex, into the current generation of games on the Nintendo 3Ds platform.

I am just not sure if I can go back to the old sprite based graphics.  Pokemon X and Y may have spoiled me in that regard.

8 thoughts on “Preparing for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

  1. Jidhari

    I used to sneer at my younger brother when he used to watch the cartoons years ago. Now he has the last laugh. I have recently gotten hooked on Pokemon X after buying a 3DS last month. I am now obsessed with filling out the national pokedex.

    Hopefully you can answer these questions: can you really get the other starting pokemon that you did not choose through trading? Or some of the rarer ones from other pokemon editions? Since the legendary pokemon cannot be bred, how on earth can you catch them all?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jidhari – Hardcore players will play multiple copies of the game and trade with themselves to get every last Pokemon. My daughter and I usually take one of each generation and trade between ourselves.

    Some of the legendary Pokemon get distributed as part of special download events. I have a few that I got that way, including Mew and MewTwo.

    The starter Pokemon ought to be easy enough. Those breed and hatch pretty quickly. I caught a Ditto and put him in with my starter to breed a few Froakies. I traded one to my daughter for a Fennekin she bred for me and I figure I ought to be able to get a Chespin for another one on the GTC if I am patient. A lot of people on the GTC are looking for outrageous trades, but there are some reasonable people out there too.

    As I said above, potentially finishing the National Pokedex in the next release is one of my reasons for wanting to finish White. I have Pokemon from way back stored on SoulSilver and the only games you can transfer them to is Black or White. I had to play Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, and FireRed, plus be up for every download event that came up (those are easier now, you used to have to go to Toys R Us or GameStop) for a couple years to finish.

    The National Pokedex is an epic journey.


  3. Jidhari

    Thanks for the response. There are some crazy trade requests on GTC indeed! I saw one good trade for a pidgeotto in return for chespin. I then spent an hour levelling one up to get chespin. Trade gone! Ha.

    I think I will have to consider getting Y for some of these exclusive pokemon. I will test the GTC a bit first though and see how it goes!


  4. Jenks

    I have Red, Ruby, and White 2, but nothing in between. My understanding is Red isn’t going anywhere, but with some effort I could transfer my Ruby pokemon up to Black 2 but I’d need at least 1 game in between (SoulSilver maybe?), but I just don’t have the energy. I should really get xy, burn through it, and play Omega Ruby at release. It’d be the first one since Red almost 20 years ago that I played while it was current (I just beat White 2 recently).

    Or, maybe I can transfer right from White 2 to Omega Ruby.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jenks – If I recall right, you can get Pokemon from HeartGold and SoulSilver into Black/White or B/W2, through a 1 way transfer, but from earlier games you have to go wireless and trade 1 for 1. (Or maybe not, looks like you can go from Diamond, Pearl, Plat, and HG/SS into Black/White.)

    From Black/White or B/W2 you have a one way transfer ability into the Pokemon Bank utility app, which basically grabs everything from Box 1. But once into Pokemon Bank, you can transfer in and out of X & Y and, I would guess, from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well.

    I remember moving Pokemon from FireRed into Diamond, six at a time, a single, one way transfer per day (unless they knew an HM, in which case they were stuck!), and then you had to go find them in a special hunting preserve with unique Pokeballs. So Pokemon Bank, even though it costs some money, seems like a deal.


  6. BlackDragon

    Alas, Pokemon Bank isn’t available where I am. I was so hyped about transferring all my legendaries from Soul Silver to Black/White then moving them into my brand new Pokemon Y, too.

    I read somewhere you can circumvent this by modifying your 3DS region setting, but I have not tried it yet. I might do so soon, because a chance at getting a free Celebi should not be passed over =)


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