Blaugust in Review

As August fades into our collective rear-view mirror, so too does Blaugust, Belghast’s event to drive away the typical August malaise.


Fifty blogs set out to post at least once a day for the duration of the month.  Thirty made it to that goal.

Like many of the other bloggers, there were bits that pushed me to post more.  If you look at my archives, you will see that 31 posts in a month is generally no big deal.  I meet or exceed that number most months.  But I usually do not post on Saturday or Sunday.  It just isn’t part of my normal routine.  I will often start posts, take and edit screen shots, and actually play the games I write about, but getting together an actual post and pressing the “publish” button just doesn’t happen all that often.

A number of us jumped on a couple of common post themes to help us along through the month.  There were the ten questions about WoW, the gamer quiz, the question about how you ended up with your blog’s name.  I didn’t run with that last one as I already had too many posts and, honestly, there isn’t a good story behind the name.  It just seemed amusing at the time.

In the end, I made it.  I posted every day in August.  I put up a total of 39 posts, 37 of which met the basic criteria for the event.  (I could have made those other two fit… I think one would have met the ten sentences mark by merely cutting a couple of my awkwardly phrased ones into a few simple declarative sentences.)  And I linked those 37 in the Anook community that Belghast set up for the event, my 37 mixing in with the more than 700 posts so linked.

A number of bloggers took some time… often using their last post in August/Blaugust… to sum up how things went and what they learned.  Here are a few that I saw.

There are still some prizes and badges to be awarded to those who participated and to those who completed the challenge of Blaugust.  When there is an overall summery, I will link it.  Wait, here it is.

I definitely found some new blogs to read as part of the whole event.  It was fun.

Meanwhile, I figured that I would link to all the blogs that threw their hats in the ring and at least accepted the Blaugust challenge.  You will find them after the cut.

Here is the list, listed mostly alphabetically, and which I checked against Belghast’s tracking spreadsheet.  So if somebody is missing, it isn’t my fault! (But let me know if I missed somebody.)

  1. Alternative Chat
  2. Ash’s Adventures
  3. Beyond Tannhauser Gate
  4. Bio Break
  5. Blue Kae
  6. Chris Sanders
  7. Contains Moderate Peril
  8. Disconcur
  9. Echoes from the Abyss
  10. From the Desk of Doctor Hannah
  11. Game Introspection
  12. Gamerlady
  13. Gaming Conjecture
  14. Healing the Masses
  15. Hello Cynical Badger
  16. Herding Cats
  17. House of Witches
  18. I Has PC
  19. I Have Touched The Sky
  20. Irrelative Collection
  21. JVT Workshop
  22. Knife’s Edge Adventures
  23. Leaflocker
  24. Level Capped
  25. Little Rae of Sun
  26. Lock And Bolt
  27. Looking for Playtime
  28. Mama Needs Mana
  29. Marathal
  30. Me vs Myself and I
  31. Missy’s Mojo
  32. MMO Quests
  33. Murf Versus
  34. Pleasant Gamer
  35. Power Word: Remix
  36. Psyche Plays
  37. Scarybooster
  38. Shadoe’s Miniature Adventures
  39. Simcha’s Many Lives
  40. Star and Shadow
  41. Tales from the Aggronaut
  42. Thalen Speaks
  43. The Ancient Gamer Noob
  44. The Chindividual
  45. The House of Witches
  46. The Keen Gamer
  47. The Mystical Mesmer
  48. Welsh Troll
  49. WoW Adventurer
  50. WoW In The Details
  51. XP Chronicles

There was definitely some overlap with the NBI Class of 2014.

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