EverQuest Lore in a Minute

Because… EverQuest!

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4 thoughts on “EverQuest Lore in a Minute

  1. bhagpuss

    OMG. In fifteen years of obsessive play I never once noticed the names of the gods were anagrams. Even though I noticed Qeynos was an anagram of Sony EQ in a matter of days.

    What’s more, in fifteen years of reading about EQ obsessively on forums, websites, and blogs and talking about it obsessively in and out of game with other obsessives, not one single time have I ever seen or heard anyone else mention that the names of the gods are anagrams.

    Well some of the gods. A few of the gods. What is Bertoxxolous an anagram of? Or Innoruuk? Or Cazic-Thule?

    I really hope Rodcet Nife – The Prime Healer – isn’t supposed to be an anagram of Fine Docter. Someone needs to attend remedial spelling class if so…

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  2. tipadaknife

    Srsly? I thought everyone knew that :P Sorry. EQ was full of stuff like that, and ever since, I find myself unscrambling fantasy names in every new game.


  3. Aegar

    Regarding EQ terms as anagrams, here’s what I remember:

    Felwithe = White Elf
    The Rathe = Earth
    Xegony = Oxygen
    Tarew Marr = Water
    Povar = Vapor
    E’ci = Ice
    Innothule = Innoruuk + CazicThule


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