Defense Grid 2 Coming Online

A little over two years back the team at Hidden Path Entertainment, the creators of Defense Grid: The Awakening, ran a Kickstarter campaign with a slate of goals.

The baseline goal was to raid $250K to create a new set of levels for Defense Grid: The Awakening.  Being one of my favorites in the tower defense genre, I was in just to get a few more levels of the game.

But Hidden Path Entertainment had a grander vision.  They had their eyes on Defense Grid 2, a sequel they hoped to fund through the Kickstarter.  For everything they wanted to do… new engine, multiplayer, level creator/editor, support across multiple platforms… the target was one million dollars.


However, sometimes our reach exceeds our grasp.  In this case, 30 days of Kickstarting only came up with $271,727.  That was enough for the basic goal, more levels for Defense Grid: The Awakening, but nothing else on the list.  And they delivered on that… almost on time.  The promise was for December of 2012 and we got it in January of 2013.  Not much of a slip at all.

But Hidden Path also promised us Defense Grid 2.

You’ll Get DG2

We’re working to cross the minimum and fund Defense Grid: Containment.  But please also understand that by joining the team as a backer, you’ll also get a copy of DG2 when we release it.  We’ll need to do extra work on our end to earn or raise the remaining funds in order to complete DG2, but when we do, you’ll still be a part of the team.  Crossing $250,000 gets you DG:Containment this December, and DG2 when it is complete.

They were going to have to go find another way to fund it, but it was still part of the plan.

Time went by.  I played through all of the levels in the new expansion multiple times.  Hidden Path kept us up to date on funding, which they managed to secure through a couple of sources.  Kickstarter backers were allowed into the beta on Steam earlier this year.  And, today, Defense Grid 2 becomes available on Steam.

Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2

At least the Windows version is available today.  Mac and SteamOS versions are slated for mid-October.

Those of us who supported the Kickstarter got our keys this past weekend, so I have already spent some time with the game, and it is good.

The single player game is an expansion on the original Defense Grid: The Awakening, with story missions that carry on from there and all the variations on how to play through a given level you have been lead to expect.  There is still multiplayer co-op and the whole DG Architect, which allows players to create their own levels and share them through the Steam Workshop, still to discover.

Here are a few screen shots I have taken of the game.

The art style has changed, the turrets have all be redone, and the levels are part of a wider landscape now.  The aliens are a bit less interesting so far… though I haven’t made it that far into the game.  The turrets do seems to have more well defined roles now.  And, of course, there are a pile of achievements.  But for the most part it feels like a good, solid tower defense game.

As part of my Kickstarter pledge, I ended up with an extra key.  I am going to give it away to somebody who comments on this post.

All you have to do is leave a comment indicating that you would like the key and make sure that the email address you use when leaving the comment is valid (nobody by me can see it and that is where I am going to send it, so if it bounces you lose) within 24 hours of this post going live (by 15:00 UTC, 8am PDT, or 11am EDT September 24, 2014) and I will use some sort of random number generator to decide who gets it.

I can still do something like “/roll 1d100” in WoW can’t I?

The winner will be notified by email and I will append the result to the post.

And if you don’t win, well, the game is only $25.  And if that is too steep, there is always the Steam Holiday Sale in December.

But so far I recommend the game if you liked the original or enjoy tower defense in general.

Addendum: Prize Roll straight from Ironforge in Azeroth.


The roll was 13, which I guess means spoutbec wins the Steam key.  We’ll see if his email address is legit shortly.

19 thoughts on “Defense Grid 2 Coming Online

  1. tsuhelm

    I like Tower Defense Games…but this is on a whole other level…the last time I spent more than a few minutes on a game was on Vector TD or GemCraft!

    But will promise to give it a go if I win :)


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  3. John

    I haven’t tried this game and would certainly like the extra key! I do like tower defense games.

    I’ve commented on your blog a few times in the past if that matters. I’m guessing it does not.


  4. xanderprentiss

    Hi John,

    I’d love to give this game a shot. The last tower defense game I played was Dungeon Defenders, so I’m in line for another game like that. Have to keep active or I will fall back into WoW pre-Draenor, and we just can’t have that.


  5. Tetutu

    If you need to do anything random, is a pretty good bet.

    Strange i have never been introduced for this game before, i love tower defense, and this looks like a great one.

    *Let me end the post with, i would like to enter for the cd key*


  6. Shandren

    Uhhh a give-away… Will this help me pass the time while I am waiting hours in Archeage queues? Or will it make me forget to play AA all together?


  7. Jenks

    I’ll throw my name in the hat – I liked the first one a lot. One of the few good living room tower defense games, since it plays so well with a gamepad.


  8. Karl

    I guess a good old lottery is what it takes to get me out of the woodwork.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a long time, even though we don’t play a lot of the same games. Thanks for the daily diversion.

    Also, I’m a huge fan of tower defence games, and like mentioned above, the Gemcraft series are a lot of fun.


  9. Peter

    Its is free so… I would like the Key please. Thank you.
    Oh and keep up the good work. TAGN is about the only eve/game Blog I still read.


  10. Chris

    Don’t give me the key, I bought the game. You, sir, are a master of the soft pitch – whoever employs you isn’t paying you enough :)


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