EverQuest II Lore in a Minute

Because… I actually knew all of this at one point.  And then there were expansions and flying carpets and such.

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6 thoughts on “EverQuest II Lore in a Minute

  1. bhagpuss

    She talks literally too fast for me to understand for most of the sixty seconds and what little I did manage to make out was confusing. I never really did know what was going on in EQ2, even though I was there from the beginning. Comes of not doing the raid content I think.

    The resource where I have learned FAR more about Everquest lore than anywhere else is in the White Wolf EQRPG books, which I am buying up whenever see one for cheap. Makes so much more sense there than it ever did in game. Shame they never did an EQ2 version.


  2. bhagpuss

    Oh yes! You’re right! I have seen that before but I didn’t look at it closely enough. If I thought about it at all I probably assumed it was a game guide for the original release.

    There was one cheap copy on Amazon UK (and half a dozen pretty expensive ones) so I just grabbed it. The EQ ones are really enjoyable reads so I have high hopes.


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