Black Legion Pays Us a Visit

I managed to sit down at the computer last night just in time to have a Jabber alert pop up calling for a fleet.  Black Legion was in our new Deklein staging system at YA0-XJ.  I guess those change of address cards worked.

The alert said that more than 100 ships were in YA0 looking for a fight, so I logged right in.  I was in my high sec training clone, so I jumped back to my clone in YA0,  got into my Baltec Apocalypse, and got onto voice coms to listen to the usual operetta of a fleet form up.  The fleet commander, the tenor, must sing his sad tale of not having enough logistics (and too many interceptors) and how we won’t even undock if we do not get enough.  I sit in my Apoc and rationalize by saying to myself that it is a new month so I need a couple of kill mails, and in any case I am in my Apoc clone, the one with the EG-603 implant, which is required to fly our fit, so if I am going to get podded and lose it I am damn well going to do it in the ship that requires it.  I’ll fly logistics next time, I swear.

Eventually Red Crown cajoled enough people to swap so that we meet the minimum doctrine requirements.  The logistics theme is not done yet though.  That motif will continue through the fight.  But we are able to start undocking, which turns on the time dilation.

Undocking in YA0

Undocking in YA0

Red Crown had us align to the 2R-CRW gate in YA0, where Black Legion was reported to be lingering.  That is when we started to prove again that we can be very bad at EVE Online.  On of the squad commanders warped his squad to the gate rather than aligning, sending most of his squad to a quick and early death.  On person was able to cancel warp, the rest were blown up on landing, being served up for Black Legion like hors d’oeuvres.  The rest of us managed to align without warping to a fiery death.

Once we had a safe warp in, Red Crown warped the fleet and we landed on grid with Black Legion and the shooting could begin.  Black Legion was out in Tengus with a fleet of over 120 ships, a quarter of which were logistics.  As has been discussed elsewhere, logistics is a very powerful aspect of fleet composition.  This is why the FC is always shouting for more logi.  Black Legion was going to be a tough nut to crack with all that support.

The first thing on the agenda was to clear off a Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor that was on grid, so that we could bring in some more firepower in the form of some carriers and their sentry drones.  This led to a moment of comedy where everybody locked up the inhibitor, shot it into structure, then moved on to the next target.  When you are shooting ships, and you see one out of shields, out of armor, and taking damage to its hull, it is time to think about moving onto the next target.  But with structures, the hull actually makes up the bulk of the hit points.  The inhibitor only has 20K hit points armor and shields combined, but 150K in the hull.

So everybody shot it into hull and moved on, leaving it still alive.  So the FC had to get us all to go back and finish it off so some carriers could land on grid with us and add their fire to the mix.

With that finally accomplished, we started trying to whittle down the enemy logistics, which were on the far side of the battle from us.  Baltec fleet in general, and Apocs in particular, are good and picking off ships at range. With the right crystals loaded, I can engage targets out past 150km.  So the FC began calling Scimitars as targets.  We even managed to pop the first one, but then the hostiles were alerted and each subsequent target got reps before we could get it into armor.

BL Scimitar taking heat

BL Scimitar taking heat

On our side though, casualties began to mount.  We had half as much in the way of logistics, and a third of it was being flown my one guy who was multi-boxing.  Add in the fact that armor reps apply at the end of the module cycle, as opposed to the beginning of the cycle with shield reps, and there was a lot less margin for error on our side.  Even TiDi, which usually makes logistics easier, as your reaction time remains the same while the world around you slows down, wasn’t enough to help us out.


We swapped to other target types, and managed to knock down a couple, but once the hostile logi was wise to our plan, reps thwarted further kills.

At some point Red Crown went down and Reagalan took over the FC slot.  He aligned us away from the hostiles so we could engage at range and then tried a few tricks to see if we could alpha ships before reps kicked in.  He would have us all hold fire until we were ready to go, then give us a target to lock up and shoot.  When this worked, it worked quickly, but for the most part Black Legion seemed to be on the ball and calling for reps as soon as we started locking somebody up.  Anybody who was slow died, the rest got reps in time to thwart our damage.

There were a couple calls to get more logistics in our fleet and a small Celestis fleet went up to try and damp the hostile logistics, though they were targeted and destroyed in pretty short order.  After a while of mounting losses for little gain, we left the field and headed back to the station.  Black Legion won the day, with more kills and more ISK destroyed.

Team 1: CFC, Team 2: BL

Team 1: CFC, Team 2: BL

The battle report from which that graph was drawn is available here.

Some screen shots from the fight.  There are a couple of shots where you can, thanks to colors, spot people using the wrong crystals for their lasers.

8 thoughts on “Black Legion Pays Us a Visit

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Tsuhelm – There are four basic weapon types for ships in EVE, missiles, projectile weapons, hybrid weapons, and lasers. Each comes in a short and long range flavor, as well as in sizes for ships from frigates to battleship, and then in some sub-flavors after that.

    Lasers do not have ammo, unlike the other three types. Instead, they use crystals which influence range, damage type, and energy required.

    In the picture “long range beams” you can see most of the beams are yellow. Those people are using standard crystals, which is fine. They are good out to 110km or so, and our target was 90km. Fancy guy that I am, I am shooting with X-ray crystals in that picture, as the FC asked, which are higher damage and good out to just under 100km. The red beams are microwave crystals, which are good past 150km, so probably trading too much range for damage. And then white beams are multi-freq, which are higher damage for shorter range. Those drop off at about 60km, so people shooting those aren’t putting damage on a target 90km out.

    And, of course, with colors, you can be silly.

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  2. pkudude99

    Isn’t YA0 only 2 or 3 gates from VFK? Why such a short move? Or is that above your pay grade in the CFC to know why?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @pkudude99 – It sure is close to VFK, and to 0P-, so the location works for me. As to why, I recall it being something to do with the changes to outposts and upgrades that came in with the Crius expansion. Capswarm has been there for a while, but with the return from Delve everybody has settled into YA0 as home.


  4. Telke

    YA0 has slightly better jump range, but the main reason for doing it is simple – VFK was a gallente station, beloved as war staging posts, but in peacetime a minmatar station like YA0 is much better for refining and production. It’s even hinted at in the name – Mynnagrad refers to the Goon economics guy. With Crius, the aim is to set YA0 up as a full trade hub like Jita or Amarr, with minerals ending up there to be produced into anything people would want to buy. It’s working – and every other major nullsec entity is setting up local market hubs as well, because the Crius changes incentivise it. Plus, the future might involve logistics from Jita being problematic.


  5. pkudude99

    And now I know. I’m logged out in XCF-8N, so just a couple of jumps over. Wonder if I’ll ever actually pull the trigger on coming back to Eve? Interesting things seem to be afoot. Perhaps someday…..


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