EverQuest Next Lore in a Minute

Because we’re on a roll… plus I have totally ignored any EverQuest Next lore discussions up until now.

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Though they also have the EverQuest Next franchise lore in a minute as well.

2 thoughts on “EverQuest Next Lore in a Minute

  1. bhagpuss

    EQNext has lore! Who knew?

    Seriously, I’ve been meaning for a long while to get around to reading the EQN stories they’ve been dripfeeding us but there’s always something better to do. That saves a lot of time.

    Is that now canon for EQ lore too, given that EQN (if I understand it correctly) precedes EQ1 in linear time? Or are we in alternate history territory? In fact, if I remember rightly, isn’t EQ2 only a “possible” future leading out of EQ1?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I think SOE has covered themselves by declaring the Norrath timeline fractured into various potential paths or some such, which is sort of the lore version of saying “It’s just a game, give us a break and stop nitpicking already!”

    Anyway, we shall see what we end up with in Norrath-44 or whatever EQN ends up being.


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