There is Blobbing, and then there is Blobbing

It was Sunday afternoon/evening and elements of the N3 coalition along with Black Legion came calling in force, taking advantage of easy travel while it still exists.  There was a call up for fleets, a tower to be saved, and all of the usual elements.  But the surprising bit was catching the Tengu fleet on the gate in R6XN-9 and having first capital ships and then supercaps drop in on the fight.

Titans on grid did not bring out PL, so there was no B-R or Asakai style escalation.  Not ready to have a supercap pyre just yet I guess.

Meanwhile, DBRB and his bombers were taking care of a hostile Abaddon fleet in one pass.

Addendum: Reports on the bombing run at TMC and EN24.


5 thoughts on “There is Blobbing, and then there is Blobbing

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @tsuhelm – That link at the end, that shows a battle summary which indicates that 35 stealth bombers, small tech II frigates that use stealth to sneak up on hostiles, completely wrecked an 80+ battleship fleet. And even in the pictures above, there were a bunch of us in Hawk frigates tackling or otherwise trying to hold down the hostile Tengu fleet so they big boys could zap them. The scenes above are total overkill, but the kids like to get out their big toys now and then just to show off.


  2. Ranamar

    Wait… DD on an interdictor? I didn’t think you could do that anymore. (DDDs can’t target subcaps for the past couple years and Greyscale has stated that the reasons for that haven’t changed.)


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