Another Null Sec Achievement!

There we were.  The ping had gone out.  Nulli Secunda was running around Deklein.  They were in YA0-XJ, our staging system, when I logged on.  all 54 of them.

A fleet was formed.

We piled into Tengu fleet doctrine ships to fight them.  We undocked, but our scouts reported they were running.

Reagalan, our FC secured us a titan.  We could cut them off.  All we had to do was get bridge to a system a couple jumps out to cut them off.  We had eyes on them, we knew where they were headed.

We hit the staging POS first, then Reagalan had us warp to him on the titan.  We all bunched up there, looking straight into the face of the giant Amarr titan, the Avatar.  Reagalan asked the titan pilot to bridge us to the beacon in the cut-off system.  We started intently at the titan, waiting for the visual effect that would indicate that the bridge was up.

The tension mounts...

The tension mounts…

Nothing happened.  Reagalan nudged the titan pilot again.

Suddenly the Avatar, this giant visage right before us, transforms itself into a red ball of energy and disappears as a streak into the distance.

Poof!  Gone!

There was a moment of silence as we processed what happened, and then fleet chat broke out in hilarity.

The pilot selected “jump to” instead of “bridge to” and sent himself off to the cut-off system, while we were all left to run there the hard way.

Fortunately Nulli Secunda was too busy heading out of our space to see the titan.  Not that they could have made much of an issue of it, as we were very quickly burning through gates as fast as we could to catch up.  Reagalan got himself popped racing ahead, but otherwise everything was okay.

So we headed back to YA0-XJ, catching a hostile on the way.

I have heard about titan pilots mixing up “jump” and “bridge” before.  It was how the battle of Asakai happened.  But to see it happen was quite a thing.  I feel steeped in just that much more of the null sec experience.  I can now mark that off of my list of things to experience.  And, some day, should I fly a titan, I will try to follow the simple guide.

Picture source: unknown

Picture source: unknown

All the more so because once Phoebe drops in about a month, there will be the heart ache of jump fatigue to deal with.  Then again, a titan won’t be able to get very far away after Phoebe either. Fun stuff.


8 thoughts on “Another Null Sec Achievement!

  1. Knug

    I have always believed that the titan should jump to form the bridge that stays open behind, and that the bridge remains up until its timer runs out and is open to anyone following the titan.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @tsuhelm – No word directly in fleet, but I am sure he got out okay. Titans dying are big enough news that there would already be stories up on TMC and EN24 if something had happened to him. Embarrassment was likely the biggest hit, with a whole fleet staring at him as he jumped off without us.


  3. flosch

    I like how it says “send your friends to victory” and not “send your friends to doom”. I’m not sure why exactly that made me chuckle. I guess I’m just a simple-minded person!

    And you could always check eve-kill for the pilot. Titan killmails typically get posted, don’t they?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Flosch – I follow eve-kill on Twitter, and if something as big as a titan dies, that gets tweeted automatically. B-R5RB led to a lot of tweets.

    That nothing was said about the fate of the titan pretty much told me it was okay. The rule is that you do not talk about the location of allied capital ships on coms, lest spies get that intel. Dead titans we talk about, live ones are omitted from conversations.


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