New Eden Alt Creation Becomes Easy with Phoebe

CCP put up a dev blog listing out what will be in the next expansion, Phoebe.

And while there are many tasty tidbits to digest on that list… including the whole jump drive nerf, which has gotten some alterations based on feedback… the one stunner for me is CCP removing the limit from the training queue.

You will be able to pile up as many skills as you want in your training queue.

Training queue to infinity...

Training queue to infinity…

Some people may never have to log in again.  I cannot tell if this is truly awesome or horrifying.  I know I like it, though you do have to wonder what eventually changed CCP’s mind on this.

And being able to identify a bitter vet will eventually go from those of us who remember when there was no queue to those of us who remember when the queue was only 24 hours long.  We have had the 24 hour skill queue for more than five years now.  It came in with Apocrypha back in 2009… along with a lot of other stuff.  Look at the list on that link.  Wormholes.  Ship fitting windows.  Blue lasers for ice mining.  Damn, we take for granted these days.

It isn’t the be all, end all of course.  Unless you can inject and queue skills that you cannot yet train, there will have to be some logging in now and again.  But it looks like I will be able to load up the remainder of my fleet booster training plan and let it ride after Phoebe drops on November 4th.

Makes me want to create another alt… which I am going to guess is part of what changed CCP’s mind.


8 thoughts on “New Eden Alt Creation Becomes Easy with Phoebe

  1. Gevlon

    I guess it’s aimed at credit card subscribers. If you pay with credit card, to keep on paying until actively unsubscribe. So if they make you forget about the game, you may pay them for years.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Yup, CCP’s new business model is smaller human base, but all with more multiple accounts to operate in null sec. I can run with one account in high sec. But the percentage of null sec players that can operate with one account is tiny.

    Every day it becomes more clear that CCP has listened to the cartels whispering in their collective ear, and are writing off the high sec customer base, and it sure as hell looks like low sec will become a less rich version of NPC null sec.


  3. Anonymouse

    The reason that CCP has removed the queue limit is pretty simple… and pretty smart.

    Currently, most players pay for EVE on a month-to-month basis, via CC or PLEX. And, all of these players have skill queues running well under 1 month.

    What CCP has learned is that some players, who have toons with a level 5 skill training which takes a month or longer, will prepay their subs, in advance, to cover that period of time.

    So, by removing the queue limit, CCP is hoping that many more players will prepay their subs, to cover their longer skill queue. Ex. if someone has a 3-month skill queue, CCP is hoping that they will now prepay for those 3 months, rather than month-to-month.

    This has two advantages: (1) CCP gets more money upfront, which is non-refundable, if a player quits before his sub runs out; and (2) a lot of threats to unsub over a change made in the 6-week update cycle lose their teeth, since many of those players will now be prepaid for a period longer than the 6-week cycle (ie. time for them to cool down when they realize the EVE universe did not actually come to an end).


  4. Random Poster

    SInce it’s been forever since I played Eve, but are you still limited to just one character training at a time per account?

    I ask because of the way you worded the title Wilhelm in regards to alt creation. To me an Alt is a character on the same account and if the above is still the case this doesn’t really change that. Only in Eve have I ever been basically required to pay for a second account to be able to use a different character who has different abilities/skills.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Random Poster – I meant alts in the EVE Online meaning of the term, as the topic was EVE Online. You cannot train two characters at once without CCP getting paid in some form, though you can enable dual training queues with the in-game currency by buying PLEX or the new training queue item.


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