Tech 3 Destroyers and Other Tidbits from EVE Vegas Keynote

EVE Vegas is running this weekend.  The one time player driven event that has turned into a CCP sponsored affair, complete with a keynote speech full of new treats.

CCP Seagull kicked things off with a theme and overview of how CCP is looking at the upcoming changes.  The idea is that CCP wants to create things where they cannot predict the outcome, because they if they can then we can as well.  So roll on emergent game play.

Playing and Outplaying

Playing and Outplaying

She reviewed the titan themed expansions so far this year…

The new expansions so far...

The new expansions so far…

And talked a bit about items we have heard mentioned before.  Then she gave us the release plan for 2015.

2015 Release Plan

2015 Release Plan

That is 10 release for 2015, plus the two we have left this year, Phoebe and Rhea.  This all led into a bit more overview on what the upcoming phases of change they are planning.

Going through a phase

Going through a phase

Phase 1 is looming, with Phoebe dropping in just a couple of weeks, but Phase 2 is where the shape of null sec might change.  She then wrapped up with a revised version of the road map for EVE Online.

Where we are...

Where we are…

This is a bit trimmed down from the old one.  The green line shows where CCP feels they stand, so industry is pretty much done but many more major changes are left to come.

CCP Seagull wrapped up and handed the stage over to CCP Fozzie who got to talk about some more specific items related to the Rhea expansion coming in December.  Most of that is still under wraps, but there were a couple of neat things.

Quick look at Rhea

Quick look at Rhea

The art change consisted of an update to the Blackbird/Falcon/Rook ship model.  There was a very early mock up of what they want to do with the some of the most loved/hated ships in the game, but CCP Fozzie said that it would likely bristle with antennae when it was done.

Then there was a new ship type announced, currently codenamed “Tug.”

The Tug

The Tug

This will be a freighter sized ship that will be used for carrying around multiple fitted sub cap ships.  A mock up of the ship was shown.

The model is still early on, so no textures have been applied, but CCP Fozzie did say something about the art team pushing the envelope when it come to the number of polygons used.  I suspect that this will be a popular ship.

Then CCP Fozzie spoke about the research race/contest that had been going on for the last week.  The results were in, which he announced, along with what it would mean.

Research Race results

Research Race results

Each of the empires will get their version of the end result in the order in which they place… and what they are getting is Tech 3 Tactical destroyers.

Tech 3 Destroyers

Tech 3 Destroyers

The Amarr should get theirs as part of the Rhea expansion, which other races getting theirs with following expansion.  There were even some mock-ups of potential models for the Amarr tactical destroyers shown.

Amarr tactical concepts

Amarr tactical concepts

He also showed mock-ups of the Caldari version, because apparently the Caldari were in first place in the race until almost the end, so the art team started in on what looked like the winning team early.

Caldari tactical concepts

Caldari tactical concepts

As with the “Tug” announcement, there were no final names or any stats for the ships.

That about wrapped up CCP Fozzie’s time, and he then gave way to CCP Seagull again who spoke of exciting times coming in the game with all of the changes they have planned.

Others talking about they keynote:

Also, the video of the keynote is up on YouTube now.

And on a related topic, CSM member Sugar Kyle has summarized some of the CCP roundtables.

9 thoughts on “Tech 3 Destroyers and Other Tidbits from EVE Vegas Keynote

  1. evehermit

    Very interesting. I do like the notion of CCP deliberately throwing stuff into the game that they don’t know what the impact will be from. They are doing frequent enough releases that they can balance or adjust fairly quickly if things go too far awry.


  2. Anonymouse

    Unfortunately, I don’t see anything here that is likely to turn around the steep decline in player numbers, since CCP started on this micro-expansion path.

    The graphs on EVE-Offline since Feb are particularly discouraging.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anon – Well, they are trying. The next CCP session was about doing play testing and finding huge problems with the new player experience and what they think they need to change.


  4. Anonymouse

    @Wilhelm – Unfortunately, trying is not close to succeeding. And, it is not about simple fixes to the NPE.

    The problem is almost complete failure in development focus.

    T3 dessies are nice, but they can’t be flown by new players. Fixes to null industry – yes, needed, but new players can’t do null industry – cannot build caps, cannot build T2 modules/ammo, etc. JFs? New player can’t fly them, either. Fixes to sov, caps and supercaps – also of no benefit to the new player game. And, even the new burner missions – new players can’t do them successfully, since they can’t fly the necessary T2 or pirate frigates.

    Dumbing down module names, throwing out a few metas, and calling it rebalancing? Wrong approach. Making T1 modules usable to fit, and build – that would be the right approach.

    Getting new players into T2 (or T3) ships faster by lowering SP reqs? Again, wrong approach. New players in T2 (or T3) ships just get killed faster and lose ISK faster. In fact, T2 is OP and needs a major nerf. At best, flying and fitting all T2 stuff should give a 5-10% benefit, not the overwhelming accumulative advantage you currently get fitting T2 weapons/ammo and T2 tank, vs. T1 weapons/ammo and T1 tank. A 3 month old toon in a T1-fit frig should have at least some chance of beating a 3 year old toon in a T2-fit frig, via superior tactics and RL skill.

    And so on…. no place for noob corps/alliances, no reason to build a POS, no place for new players in Incursions, can’t fly the correct racial BS in fleet comps, etc.

    Rambling now… sorry. The point is that new players need to feel that they can be competitive to older players, in all areas of the games, without the 130M+ SP or 100B+ ISK in wallet. This is what the game is lacking, in order to attract more players.

    BTW – I’m not a new player, not even a low-SP player (just 75K shy of 140M SP myself). I want to see more new players in the game, even if we vets need to be seriously nerfed to get there.

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  5. Anonymous

    The problem with CCP is they seem to not listen to the people that help pay their salary…..The subscriber. I don’t know who leads this mess but it’s ok. Star Citizen is on its way and Elite Dangerous is just about here. Can you say Eve is now free to play like all the other has been games?


  6. Art Hornbie

    Anonymouse is right. Nothing NPE wise. But I don’t believe his point about competing with vets (nerfing them) is valid. New Players simply need more space to reduce the odds of encountering, or being discovered by, vets. And methods to evade or hide from vets. The game right now is for the vets to kill everything in sight, repeatedly. New Players want to be able to play, too.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anonymouse – Well, I am going to guess you didn’t see the NPE preso, as it was pretty interesting and pointed out a bunch of ways it needs to change to simply not frustrate the hell out of players before the question of T2/T3 ships is even on their radar. Not the miracle cure for EVE, not that I suggested it was such, but a step in the right direction. They weren’t even going that way a year ago.

    And while I get what you are saying, I am also always suspicious of any plan that suggests screwing over the installed base in the hopes of attracting a mythical new set of players. Not that you are saying that, but there is that vibe going about, and it will just lead to a quicker decline. That was the NGE in SWG.

    We may just be at the point where, 11 years in, EVE simply isn’t going to grow any more. Every MMO hits that time, but they don’t have to disappear… unless they are run by NCsoft. EverQuest has literally been in decline for a decade now, but still makes money, gets updates, and keeps a core following. Its not the good old days, but the good old days are largely myth in any case.

    @Anonymous – Not listening to the subscribers? That is one of the great empty arguments of all time, as though there was some all encompassing group of players that agreed on even a single thing. I suppose you feel you represent ALL the subscribers as well. Good luck with Star Citizen.


  8. Hull

    From a personal perspective, i haven’t been terribly impressed with the micro expansions. It really does feel uninspired. Just treading water.

    I’ve also missed with the big expansions extension to the universe storyline. Stuff like Eve Templar One I found really inspiring… I didn’t need to be a part of the story, just part of that time and world. And it left unanswered questions to hang out for or engage with the community to learn more… mind the wait for any big next installment is getting long in the tooth.

    Anyway we all have our desires for Eve. I still enjoy it – for the friends I fly with, the meta, and the pew. It’s a beautiful game… I just hope CCP’s plans are more visionary than what they are showing us to date… because when the friends disengage, the meta gets stale, and the pew dries up there is going to be little incentive to log in let alone undock.


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Hull – Yeah, that was one of the risks I wrote about when they moved to this new release cycle, that no single small release was likely to be the big brass band achievement of some of the twice a year expansions. Of course, there were duds on that front as well. Sugar Kyle wrote about Quantum Rise the other day, an expansion that means nothing to me in hindsight, despite playing through its launch.

    Part of it for me is that, while I often nitpick about bits of EVE Online, I remain happy and mildly optimistic. And, while I hate to use the “it’s just a game” excuse, if they screw the whole thing up and kill it, I will miss it but life will go on and I’ll find something else to play.


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