Daily Archives: October 26, 2014

Sunday Afternoon in YA0-XJ

Apparently an AFK CFC titan was ejected from a POS and ended up 200+ km out of the shields.  There is speculation that this was because somebody changed the password, but details are uncertain at this point.

Black Legion dropped on the titan and then we dropped on Black Legion.  They won the ISK war by a fair margin (146 billion to 83 billion), but it certainly woke us all up.  My main was off in a high sec jump clone to buy a skill, but I managed to get my alt on, into a Harpy, into Jay’s fleet, and on grid in time to get on one of the carrier kill mails.  That is his biggest kill mail ever, and his 7th total. I don’t fly him in combat much.  The carrier was covered by so many warp disruption bubbles that they became an opaque, shining white ball.

Battle reports at TMC and EN24.