Wait, What? The Giants Win the World Series Again?

Back in 2010, as the San Francisco Giants finished their first game in their first appearance in a World Series this decade, I wrote about what a long road it had been as a fan of the team for at least four decades.  There had been lots of good times, I saw many great players, but the team could never quite go all the way.  I was just happy that they made it to the big show a second time during my life.

Then they went and won the World Series in 2010.  Pretty much dreams fulfilled.


And then they won it again in 2012.  Icing on the cake.

And now they have done it again in 2014.  I am not sure what to say at this point.  How much happier could I possibly be?


It was a great series.  Kansas City played well and it was tense down to the last out in the final inning of the seventh game.  But when Panda got under that foul ball, it was all over.

What else can I say?  See you again in 2016?


3 thoughts on “Wait, What? The Giants Win the World Series Again?

  1. cyanbane

    As a Braves fan in Atlanta, SF has been my stand by team since the days of Kevin Mitchell. My extended family all lives in San Fran/Berkeley so during the 80’s with the Braves as they were, it was the second best team to associate myself with. My family out in Cali always felt the same with the Braves in the 90s because they got TBS out there.

    Glad to see them win again, glad to see Hudson finally get a ring (even if not in a Braves uni) and glad to have witnessed 2014 Madison Bumgarner – I have a feeling people will be talking about his performance for the next few decades.


  2. Isey

    I love baseball, and of course as a Canadian, support the Blue Jays. Perennial underachievers. Part of that reason had me rooting for the “upstart” Royals, but mostly just glad to see a really exciting and close game 7. A great ball game is the best.


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