Phoebe Arrives in New Eden

It has been more than a month since CCP Greyscale first announced, via a Dev Blog, the changes to long distance travel coming with Phoebe.  Now the expansion is here, and I hear it took longer to deploy than past expansions because it had to take gates.

As I predicted back then, despite the uproar this announcement caused in some quarters, the changes were pretty much set in stone. There were only a few tweaks to the plan, as noted in the appendices on the Dev Blog.  Industrial ships got a bit of a reprieve so that commerce can continue to flow between high and null sec.  Otherwise, jump fatigue and capital ships using gates are now a thing.

Traffic control for all the caps

Traffic control for all the caps

Now what will the change mean?  As CCP Greyscale said:

We expect the impact of these changes to be emergent, and as a consequence are unpredictable and will take a while to develop on TQ [Tranquility, the EVE Online live server]. This plays into our longer-term plans…

The sov holders in null sec each have a plan of their own, and hunkering down into a more defensible territory seems to be a common thread.  The CFC withdrew from Delve, Querious, and Period Basis in the southwest.  Pandemic Legion sold off much of their rental holdings in the northeast.  Northern Coalition set up shop in the southwest leaving what looks to be a power vacuum in the east, as that will be too far away to defend if push comes to shove.  Here is what has changed (maps from the usual source):

Oct. 1 vs. Nov. 4 map

Oct. 1 vs. Nov. 4 map

We’ll call that the first round of changes to the map of null sec, though it appears to still be in progress, with Perrigen Falls region going to a new alliance. (Though Circle of Two grabbed a system that linked to CFC space.)  I suspect that once things settle down that we will see some additional names on the sovereignty map, though I wouldn’t bet on them being names new to those positions.  And with sovereignty structures taking a hit to hit points we may get an idea of exactly how far away from its central base of operations a coalition can reliably defend sovereignty in a few weeks.  The structure changes ended up being:

  • Station Services: (-66% EHP)
    • -83% Shield HP
    • +50% shield resists
  • IHUBs and Stations: (-50% EHP)
    • -60% Shield and Armor HP
    • -50% Hull HP
    • +20% Shield and Armor Resists
  • SBUs: (-50% EHP)
    • -50% Shield, Armor and Hull HP

It will be interesting to see what the sovereignty map looks like by the time Rhea, the next expansion, arrives in mid-December.

Anyway, that has probably been the most talked about aspect of Phoebe.  As usual though there is more to the package, including a number of quality of life improvements.

First there is the unlimited skill queue. (Though I think I read that it is, in fact, limited to 10 years or some huge number of skills… 300 maybe? [50 says Jester] But effectively unlimited for any sane definition I guess.)  I remember five years back when getting any sort of skill queue at all seemed like a major boon, and now I will be able to queue things up for years at a stretch.

Training queue to infinity...

Training queue to whenever…

The updated sensor overlay looks good as well.

Compass around the capacitor ring

Compass around the capacitor ring

I know I had one minor nit to pick with the old one, which was that it was a pain to target anomalies in some systems as they tended to cluster together in a bunch, so clicking the right one could be a chore.  Of course, I haven’t run anomalies in a while, but this update also includes a keyboard shortcut for making bookmarks in space (Control-B by default), which will help with my new found need to make safe spots in hostile space.

The Phoebe expansion also includes:

You can find the full list of updates on the Phoebe release page and the gritty details in the Phoebe patch notes.

Now to go fill up my skill queue.

What will you be doing now that Phoebe has arrived?

9 thoughts on “Phoebe Arrives in New Eden

  1. bhagpuss

    Crazy busy time in MMOs right now. Everyone’s dropping major content patches or about to launch full expansions. I have way, way more things on my wish list than I’m ever going to be able to get around to. Whatever happened to that slow year we were supposed to be having after WildStar and TESO fell out the door?


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Looks like lots of people online loading / testing new release. Think I will wait a day or two until the patches settle down. Read on the forums that people are having a hard time selling at all now due to some bug.

    And I am still waiting for CCP to gift right back to the cartels all the income they lost, when CCP announces an order of magnitude increase in pilots a null sec system can support.


  3. Ranamar

    The last several hours before the patch was released were pretty funny. A group of five of us or so ran around Delve shooting cynos, mostly in interceptors and assault frigates. The haul? our killboard was entirely cynos and pods for a bit, including a few gems like this one:
    (I’m amazed I got that one; LMLs have a cycle time of almost 10 seconds, and I had to wait for the launchers to decycle after killing the noobship too. There was plenty of time to dock before I killed the pod, even aside from warping out with 0 align time…)

    The smart organizations started guarding their cynos, or, in one case, cynoing with a neuting drake that we didn’t have the DPS to break. What’s also fascinating is that people were still cynoing right up to downtime. There’s /no way/ that they finished moving everything they wanted to move.


  4. Samuel Silbory

    Yea I hit the 50 skill limit less than 5 minutes after logging in. I’m not complaining as there are a lot of skills that take 1-3 days that I’ve been meaning to train, but haven’t because they were worth an empty queue.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I quickly got out to a 292 day queue adding in a few skills I should have up to level V. The remaining leadership skills I was looking into, which does not include FC V, pushed me out past 100 days. My alt, which I queued up to be a backup logi pilot was at 80 days in a snap. Fun fun.

    I also saw, in my wallet journal, a 2.5 million ISK payment for obsolete items confiscated by CCP. I wonder what they took.

    @Ranamar – Yeah, there was pretty much an ongoing series of battles in our staging system over the last two days before Phoebe as people tried pick off the ships jumping in fatigue-free the last few assets they wanted to collect up. The run up to Phoebe created a lot of content. Now to see how things work out in the “after” picture.


  6. Ranamar

    @Wilhelm – The item buyback was invention interfaces and blueprints for them. I got something like 1.8M for 3 interfaces and a pair of half-used BPCs.


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