The Darkened Sea Brings EverQuest to Level 105

Leaving aside the whole “launching two days before Warlords of Draenor” aspect of things, who at SOE decided to launch both Norrathian expansions on the same day?  Have you no pity for your IT people?

So we have the Altar of Malice expansion on the EverQuest II front, which I mentioned in the previous post, and for EverQuest there is The Darkened Sea.

Firiona Vie wet armor contest!

Firiona Vie wet armor contest!

This, the 21st EverQuest expansion and officially launches today.  It was actually available to All Access subscribers two weeks back, but now it has been unleashed for even the unwashed masses… who still have to pay $40 for the content, so I am not sure why the head start.  Are there a lot of people who buy EQ expansions but who are not signed up for the All Access subscription?

Anyway, it contains the usual ration of content, taking stuff that worked in the past and adding more.

  • Level Cap Increase — You can now level up your characters to an unprecedented 105!
  • 8 New Zones — Brand new zones such as Thuliasaur Island and Combine Dredge offer immersive and captivating adventures.
  • Mount Key Ring — Easily access your entire mount collection in one easy location!
  • New Tradeskills, Spells, AAs and Items
  • New Quests, Missions and Raids

I am not sure how “unprecedented” going up to level 105 really is.  I am sure we can find some Korean grinder MMO that has 250 levels or the like.  But I guess for more mainstream western MMORPGs, going past level 100 is at least uncommon.  Now it will stand out from EverQuest II and World of Warcraft, which both get a boost to level 100 this week.

Anyway, the expansion should be live at some point soon.  Until then you can watch the trailer for the expansion over at YouTube.  Watching that video is interesting both to see how far the game has come as well as what still lingers from the old days.  At one point you can hear the sound of a spell that takes me right back to 1999.

6 thoughts on “The Darkened Sea Brings EverQuest to Level 105

  1. carson63000

    Any expansion that boasts about its level cap being a larger number than the competition risks going full Spinal Tap, imho.


  2. Polynices

    In Anarchy Online way back in 2000 or something, the cap was 200. Didn’t make the launch any less infamously horrible but it was a big number.


  3. Stropp

    There was Anarchy Online as Polynices noted, and Asheron’s Call originally capped at something like 128 or 129 iirc. I remember someone reaching it, was was amazing due to how much XP had to be earned. I think AC’s cap is even bigger now.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    So, basically, reasonably, if not recently, precedented.

    Bragging about levels… I recall Torchlight II doing that in comparing themselves with Diablo III at one point, 100 levels versus 60 in Diablo III without bothering to elaborate on how more levels are necessarily better… is rather like bragging about the number of cup holders a car has once that number starts to exceed the passenger count.


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