I think we’re there.

I was actually standing in the aisle at Fry’s pondering what RAM to purchase when I decided against buying it.  I realized at that moment that I needed to account for everything that was drawing power directly from the power supply that went south on Sunday afternoon.

And, it turns out, that was the right move.  I pulled out the nVidia GTX650 ti and ran with the on-board video for a while.  I had to turn down some of the video settings in World of Warcraft, but otherwise it seemed to run fine.  I then dug out my old video card, the nVidia GTS 450 that I originally put in the system back when I built it, because I never throw any of this stuff away, and it ran find as well.

I brought Vikund back to Stormwind and had him flight flight paths up and down the Eastern Kingdoms, loading up textures and pallets along the way, and everything seemed to go okay.

Vikund on a blood elf mount

Vikund flying down from the northern island to Booty Bay

The video card seemed to be the weak link.  I pushed my luck and loaded up the empty RAM slots to give myself as much memory as I could manage, ending up with 12GB running.  I had 18GB on the old motherboard, because it had some triple interleave scheme for RAM, so I had to buy and install them in groups of three.  However, that idea seemed to fall by the wayside about as quickly as the processor socket on the old motherboard… which seemed to be about 30 minutes after I purchased it.  So I have one extra 2GB and one extra 4GB DDR3 DIMM.  I’ll put them in a static bag in the closet next to the processor I pried out of the old motherboard, in the spot left by the now active video card.  I may need one of the other some day.  Or they may just sit there like those 256K SIMMs I have from 1987.  Anyway, things ran well for the afternoon.  The system was stable.

And that is about all you can ask most days of the week.

Granted, I just about had a heart attack a few hours later.  I left the system idle in my office while we were cleaning up the house for Thanksgiving, and when I came back the system was powered down.  Obscenities were uttered as I just knew I had missed something.  Then I powered the system up and it turned out to have just gone to sleep.  I hadn’t changed the power saver settings.

So it is just down to downloading and installing software.  And updates.  I am not sure I will ever see the end of updates from Microsoft.  I was well past the 300 mark this afternoon, but this evening they found 177 more hidden away.


Life in the Windows lane I guess.

I think the biggest short term pain will be recreating my iTunes library.  All my playlists are gone.  I had a lot of playlists.  And a lot of songs ripped from CDs.  We still have the CDs, so it will be back to ripping.

But the basic games I play regularly, those are all set.  EVE Online and World of Warcraft are running.  I am even back up on GSF coms, thanks to their newbie friendly guides.  I should be in for fleet ops on Friday.

So the uncertainty seems to be past.  Now it is just a very long list of tasks.  But that I can handle.  I am good at that.  It is the uncertainty… a couple hundred dollars in and not being sure that anything I bought up to that point was a good idea or was going to solve the problem in the end… that gets me down.

7 thoughts on “Stability

  1. Asmiroth

    I find this misfortune entertaining, not in the humorous sense mind you. Just reminds me of the last time my PC went kaplow and the lengths I went for data recovery… glad you’re sorted out.


  2. mbp

    Delighted to hear that you are back in action Wilhelm. The most worrying aspect of this whole outage has to be the fact that it took out both of your hard disks. I have come to the conclusion that a combination of local backup and cloud backup is the best backup solution. Happily the price of cloud storage has finally fallen to levels that make sense for private individuals. We have been using Crashplan from code42 for a few months now and we are very happy with it. They offer unlimited cloud backup for a modest monthly fee. Their upload and download speeds are quite slow but the app runs away in the background so that doesn’t really matter.


  3. wowstorylines

    Welcome back and I’m very happy to hear that you finally got your computer back up and running again. Yeah, too bad on the things that you lost on your hard-drives though, that sucks.

    After getting toasted a couple of times on my computers using just the power strips and such, I did invest in a decent UPS that seems to ride out the roller-coaster of Power these days. You might want to look into something like that for the future.


  4. bhagpuss

    Yay! Glad to hear you’re up and running again.

    What is it with iTunes anyway? After my hard drive died, taking my OEM OS with it, and I installed 8.1 instead iTunes decided I must have a completely new computer and refused to sync with my iPod Touch any more. I argued with it for a bit and then gave in and allowed it to reset the iPod, which of course meant I lost all the music that was on there

    That didn’t seem to be much of a big deal since it was all still held on the iTunes on my PC (which was on the secondary HDD, unchanged and unaffected by the death of the primary). iTunes was then willing to Sync and did so, apparently without any problems.

    All the ripped CDs reappeared on the iPod and everything looked like it was back to normal…until I tried to play an album one night. For whatever arcane reason known only to Apple, iTunes has truncated all of the albums on my iPod to precisely four tracks, apparently selected at random.

    I am almost certainly going to have to re-rip all of them, which is time I could well use for something more enjoyable. I have issues like this with iTunes frequently. Far from it being idiot-proof as Apple products are often characterized it mostly seems as though it was designed by idiots.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Being in software, I have some sympathy for the iTunes group at Apple. They are stuck in the middle of a lot of conflicting forces, as they have to support every device Apple ships, plus Windows, as well as being force to follow the whims of those who dictate what the UI flavor of the month should be. The software hasn’t made me happy of late. The last two UI turns have been horrible to my mind. But I know the team isn’t idiots, just stuck in a tough spot.

    Plus, I used to work with the guy who now runs the iTunes team at Apple. There is even a picture of him on the blog! He is a very smart guy and probably the second most talented programmer I have ever worked with.


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