And Somebody Fix This Quest Text…

Because I fall for it every time.  It says Spires of Arak at the top, so I head on out.

The text

The text

And then I get there and look at my bait and the Blackwater Whitail bait says Talador.  So I open the quest again and it says Talador later on in the quest.

7 thoughts on “And Somebody Fix This Quest Text…

  1. Asmiroth

    You can fish in your garrison if you have the appropriate lure. You’ll get a 2nd lure while the first one is active. Never really have to leave your garrison for any of the fishing quests. Well, sort of. Level 1 is small fish only, level 2 is regular fish. Enormous ones are only rank 3 and that’s a looooong way’s off.


  2. wowstorylines

    Don’t feel bad, I fell for it too although I didn’t get there due to DDOS issues that Blizzard was having – glad to know that I wasn’t the only one that fell for that one.


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