Another Busy Night for Blizzard

I don’t know if it is a continuation of the Warlords of Draenor surge, the Blizzard store sale (where I am tempted to finally pick up StarCraft II for $10), or just an evening where everybody wants to play online games, but I ran into a new type of queue. queue queue

Fortunately, Blizzard was smart enough to not make the gatekeeper for their games.  You can click on the “go offline” option at the bottom of that alert (not shown) and then bring up World of Warcraft and log in the old fashioned way.  Going that route I was able to get into game.  Unfortunately, there were other issues.  I seemed to be okay in my garrison, but when I flew out to the Spires of Arak to pick up where I left of question (but not fishing), Vikund got stuck for a couple minutes just trying to summon his mount.

He looks like he has an evil plan...

He looks like he has an evil plan…

It was then that I looked at the network status and saw the ping time was exceeding 2K ms.  As I was writing this Blizzard CS reported that there was a DDoS attack under way.

It looks like a night to play something else.


2 thoughts on “Another Busy Night for Blizzard

  1. bhagpuss

    This whole DDoS thing is starting to puzzle me. The range and scale of businesses impacted seems to be immense. If these were physical attacks that prevented major corporations from trading effectively and stopped millions of customers from getting into stores and offices it would be a headline global news-story and quite possibly a National Emergency in the countries affected. Because it’s online, though, it gets treated as if it was, at worst, a period of inclement weather.

    Is there really no technological solution to prevent it happening in the first place? While we wait for that, is there really no effective law enforcement response that can be applied? You’d think with global corporations taking these hits in the wallet some pressure would have been applied, some strings pulled, by now.

    The way things are going with cyber crime and cyber disruption, the degree to which the black hats are outpacing the white hats, some futurologists are already predicting that the global digital economy will become unstable to the point of impracticability and sooner rather than later. Cracks are certainly beginning to show already.


  2. Carl

    I was going to play Hearthstone as usual, but ran away once I got disconnected form games a couple times in a row. Glad it wasn’t Arena.

    When I launched Diablo after directly, I was sitting in a similar long queue in-game…no luck even if we bypassed

    The worst of all this: it won’t be serious enough to encourage Blizzard to let us play Diablo 3 offline.


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