Nagrand – The Moment

There I was last night, turning in a quest when it happened, I made it to level 100 with my first character in Draenor.

Level 100

Level 100

Certainly not the fastest run to 100, but it still seems like it went by pretty quickly, given I how much I dawdled and played other games, plus spending a few days reviving my computer.

One benefit of moving a bit more slowly than some is that I had more time to accumulate garrison resources, so I was able to jump right in and upgrade my Town Hall to level 3.

Garrison Resources and Gold

Garrison Resources and Gold

Now I have a whole bunch of things to unlock and upgrade there.  I have to work on some pets to take on the three battle pets in the garrison, a requirement to unlock the menagerie.  I have a few level 25 pets, but as with Pokemon, you can wander through the world and succeed with any number of combinations, but once you get to a boss-like fight, you need the right set.

6 thoughts on “Nagrand – The Moment

  1. dachengsgravatar

    Congratulations on getting to 100. Do you agree that advancing 10 levels in Draenor was a lot easier than advancing 5 levels in Pandaria?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @dachengsgravatar – I am not sure what you mean by easier. Faster? My first run through Pandaria took about 10 days with minimal blue bar, so even allowing for some downtime, it wasn’t faster overall than Pandaria, but it was probably faster per level. Though, because of that downtime, I had blue bar exp through the whole run.


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