Daily Archives: January 7, 2015

In Space Somebody Knows How Old You Are…

CCP has been good… if somewhat sporadic… about sharing interesting data and statistics about EVE Online.  We have had everything from economic reports to tidbits on how many players were in a huge battle or how many ships some new NPCs have blown up.

CCP came up with a new one, a video showing the age distribution of its player base done as a video, with each frame being a bi-daily snap shot of the data, covering the game from 2003 to present day.

If your eyesight is anything like mine, you’ll have to go to the video on YouTube, turn it up to 1080p, and then watch it full screen.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

The basic take away is that the population of New Eden is getting older over time, even as it has been growing in population.  Both the mean and median age go up by a few years over the course of the video.  More interesting for me though is the 95 percentile number, which comes pretty close to tracking my own age over time.  It starts out a few years ahead of me, gets a bit closer by 2006 when I start playing the game, and I about catch up by the end of the video.

I do not suppose there is really anything earth shattering in that data.  The population of the game is growing older, no doubt in part because it is one of those games you can stick with for years and year.  It would be interesting to compare this against other long running MMOs, if the data was available.

Hat tip to Neville Smit who posted about the video earlier and has his own look at being out on the 95th percentile of the population of New Eden.