Quote of the Day – President of PvP

even the disgusting PVE carebear servers will be ready day 1. I’m not happy about that but people tell me I need to get over it.

-John Smedley, on ramping up for H1Z1

I found that quote amusing if only because I thought I read somewhere that H1Z1 was striving to be more of a cooperative survival MMO, at least when compared to Day Z and… wasn’t there another one… zombie apocalypse games aren’t really my thing… which by all reports quickly devolved into solo ventures where you fought or avoided any other players you encountered.  PvE seems like a way you could fix that problem and make the game more social or cooperative.

But maybe SOE has a fix for that end result when it comes to PvP servers.  We shall see.

Anyway, I am sure Smed was kidding around with that quote.

Then again, he is the PvP loving boss of a company that caters to a lot of carebears.  He has always championed Planet Side and PlanetSide 2 even as PvE in Norrath paid the bills. (Planet Side isn’t paying any bills, having no revenue at all now, and, as noted recently, PlanetSide 2 just hit the point where it brings in more money than it costs to operate.)  And I would guess that he might have pushed some of the unsuccessful ventures into PvP with EverQuest games. (How many EQII PvP servers are there now?)  So I guess it is no surprise that the PvP side of H1Z1 is where his heart is.

Zombie checkout counter

Zombie cleanup on checkout six please!

Still, it sounds like SOE is going into this… closed beta… early access… Landmarkian zone of featureless despair… whatever it is… in a big way.

looking like we’ll have 150-200 H1Z1 servers on 1/15.

we’ll be announcing the distribution of them (i.e. rulesets, etc) in the next day or two. I think people will be happy.

John Smedley, on Twitter (first and second)

150-200 servers?  I am going to guess that server populations are planned to be pretty low.  That is a WoW level of servers, and I don’t think this game will get WoW numbers when it comes to players.  Also, good luck playing with friends if you don’t coordinate in advance. (Also, wasn’t early access going to be 4-6 weeks from April of last year?)

l will be interested to see the rules sets and distribution of servers… that is to say, how many of each type they run with.  And I will be even more interested to see how things shake out as the game goes live, gets past its initial burst of activity, and settles down to a steady pace.  Will the “disgusting PVE carebear servers” end up paying the bills?

Addendum: I see Syp picked up that quote as well, though he had a more direct response to it.  So did Aywren.

Addendum 2: Smed has some further words:

so for you PVE loving folks, we will have vanilla PVE and hardcore PVE that requires headshots, and only support First Person. (twitter)

so despite my jokes, we really have gone out of our way to make sure PVE players will be happy. Not everyone enjoys KOS (twitter)

for PVP we will support hardcore as well.. first person only, headshots required and you lose recipes when you die (ouch). (twitter)

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – President of PvP

  1. SynCaine

    Sweet screen shot, where did you get it? Someplace really cool I’m sure…

    So 150 servers means this ‘MMO’ is, almost literally, a worst looking, fewer featured, SOE-tainted poor-mans clone of DayZ where each server will have 16-32 players? Gee good thing there aren’t already a dozen such offerings, many of which already offer stuff this thing doesn’t (Rust and Contagion for example).

    Honestly this whole thing is shaping up to be a really sad joke, even by SOE levels.


  2. bhagpuss

    It’s a very disturbing thought that anyone could believe, even momentarily, that Smed was being anything other than ironic. I mean, how many “I’m not being serious” signifiers does it take to flag up a joke?

    Also, my interest in H1Z1 increased by several orders of magnitude on the information that there will be PvE servers. I’m not gong to buy into alpha but it moves the thing from a product I have no interest in to something I will keep an eye on and will almost certainly try eventually.

    I’m pretty sure he knows that’s the effect that tweet will have.

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  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Stolen directly from your post… which I swear I meant to reference but somehow forgot.

    @Bhagpuss – The written word is a hazard, as the reader can assign any emotion to it they desire. I had a co-worker once that used to get irate about email from HQ, but only because he insisted on reading them in a nearly hysterical and demanding voice. Sure, when you say it like that. And I have had my own share of comments from people who completely misconstrued my tone. (Some of whom insisted they knew better than me as to what I meant, which is some form of internet insanity I am sure.)

    Plus satire and irony are things often not wielded very deftly, and even when they are usually only a specific group in the know will really get it. There has to be some ambiguity to make it work. There was a whole internet debate recently about whether an article arguing for making hate speech a serious crime in the US was satire or not. And I am sure people at the time thought A Modest Proposal was actually suggesting that the Irish sell their young to be used as food by the rich. I mean, you can picture the 16th century version of “obsessed internet guy” declaring that the text of the speech he saw LITERALLY said these things!

    And, as often happens, a seed of truth can help seal the whole thing. Smed is a PvP guy at heart, and most of those things I said in my comment over at Syp’s blog are true. And I like the idea that Smed was really Fansy the Famous Bard.

    All that aside, PvE servers make the likelihood that I will give H1Z1 a try much more… well… likely.

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  4. weritsblog

    Huh. I’m surprised about the amount of servers. I thought H1Z1 aimed to have huge amounts of land. So you would think that would mean less servers.


  5. zaphod6502

    I wish SOE would put more effort into the graphic detail for H1Z1. They are very lacklustre in the current version of the game. I think I have been spoilt by the Day-Z/ArmA graphics engine.


  6. Whorhay

    The graphics do look pretty low quality, but then again if the game play is good then I won’t really give a damn about the graphics. That said I’m already pretty well hooked on 7 Days to Die, which while it’s graphics aren’t awesome aren’t all that bad either for an indie game in alpha.


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