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In Gorgrond You Must Be Level 92 for Just About Anything

As a welcome to the new year, this past Saturday saw the full instance group reunited once again in Azeroth.

While we have all been in the Warlords of Draenor expansion at the same time on at least on occasion, that was less than a coordinated group effort.  We were just getting through the intro and into our garrisons and sort of laying the groundwork for things.

Assault all around the Dark Portal

Assault all around the Dark Portal

This time we were all online and ready to join together and do something as a group.

Our lineup for the night was:

  • Ula – Level 91 Gnome Mage DPS
  • Skronk – Level 92 Dwarf Priest Healing
  • Bigbut – Level 92 Draenei Monk DPS
  • Tistann – Level 93 Dwarf Hunter DPS
  • Earlthecat – Level 93 Human Warrior Tank

Ula was able to join us, but not having been around for the last couple of forays, was behind the curve when it came to levels, being not too far into 91.

And then I changed up my group character, pulling Tokarev, my Draenei DK, and substituting in Tistann, a Dwarf Hunter and one of my oldest characters on the server, second only to Vikund.  I decided I wanted to give this whole “ranged DPS” thing a try after more than six years of being melee DPS in one form or another. (Rogue, Pally, Feral Druid, then DK.)

As for what to do, that seemed a pretty easy choice.  We were going to go back to the Bloodmaul Slag Mines.

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