Surprise! GuildWars 2 Announced an Expansion!

While the GuildWars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion announcement today at PAX Whatever didn’t feel as nearly per-ordained as the one about BioWare making a Star Wars MMO a few years back, the surprise factor on the whole thing was pretty limited.  You only had to look at the NCsoft financials to come up with the idea that more boxes for sale was in the cards.  (Also, analyst hints.)


(Financials image borrowed from MMO Fallout.  I added the captions.)

Still, if I were invested in GuildWars 2, I would be excited.


Expansion are a time of change and anticipation and speculation and worry and excitement.  I expect that this will drive a flurry of blogging from now through the expansion launch.

Did we get a date on the launch?  More speculation!

ArenaNet has a whole page on their site about the expansion and has, if I read some other posts correctly, promised not to make every single item currently available in the game completely worthless through the usual mechanic of expansion gear inflation.

There is even a trailer up on YouTube.

Anyway, that will be an item checked off my list of 2015 predictions… if they ship it this year.

First round of blog posts about the expansion:

8 thoughts on “Surprise! GuildWars 2 Announced an Expansion!

  1. C. T. Murphy

    I do like seeing Alternate Advancement systems over more inflation. I dunno if Masteries will be good, but it is definitely the more “elegant” solution, in my view.


  2. bhagpuss

    It comes out well on the positive side of the scale for me. Yes, I’d have liked a new race and no, i don’t think a whole expansion set in a jungle is the greatest of ideas, but there’s enough in there that sounds like stuff I could get stuck into.

    One of the really striking things was the absence of any mention of The Living Story in anything but a historical context. We didn’t get a releases date but they did talk about a drip-feed of information leading to release so we can assume it’s not imminent. Probably late summer, early autumn. How are they going to fill the weeks and months until then?


  3. Alysianah Mystic (@Alysianah)

    It’s about time. Dang. Everyone I played with or know of in real life has long since left the game. I’d like to think I’d come back for it. GW2 remains one of the most beautiful games I’ve played with 2 of my all time favorite classes. However, I’ve noticed a trend that once a game loses me, I rarely go back again for more than a brief visit. The only game I’ve return to and actually hit max again in an expansion is WOW.

    I need to see more of the details of what’s coming to decide if I’d even buy it.


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  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Alysianah – There is certainly a profusion of choices for people who play MMOs, with new options popping up every year. With limited hours in the day there are only so many I can play, so there is often a hard choice between trying a new thing or revisiting and old thing. I never got very far in GW2 in part because I had other things to play. The game wasn’t bad and, as you note, was very pretty, but I was invested elsewhere.

    It did not help that the friends I knew who played GW2 bought the game, played through to 80, mucked around a bit, then left, never to return before I even started playing.


  6. Ettesiun

    @Syncaine: 18Million $/Quarter : ~600 000 subscribers at 10$/month : Not that bad. It roughly compared to FinalFantasy14 + FF11 + Dragon Quest 1 000 000 subscribers.
    One year ago, it was double that (~40 million$ => 1 200 000 subscribers) indicating a quick downfall of paying player.


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