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By The Fifth Garrison I Totally Had It Down…

Over the weekend in World of Warcraft, after wrapping up garrison maintenance for four characters, running the garrison daily, doing a pet battle for tokens, and fishing a bit, I started thinking about actually… well… playing the game.

I know, I know, all that other stuff is part of the game.  But each feels like its own little thing and apart from what I think of as playing WoW, which is leveling out in the field and running instances.

With three level 94 characters in Draenor, I had my choice of classes to play and level up.  Alioto was high on my list as, having the inscription trade skill, I wanted to unlock the garrison herb garden for him.

So what did I do?

I logged in my rogue, Trianis, star of my doomed attempt at the Loremaster achievement over the summer, to see where he stood.

He was level 88 and just a ways into the Valley of the Four Winds.  He had been a possible contender for “who goes to Draenor first” back before the expansion hit, but I had ended up leaving him behind with Pandaria unfinished.

I did a few quests there with him, rode out to Halfhill Market and boosted his cooking skill from ~280 to 525 with the set of “catch up” recipes available, generating a cooking achievement every couple minutes.  Then I flew him back to the road into Kun-Lai Summit and picked up the starter quest for the zone.  My goal was to see if I could get him to level 90 and to do the quest for the Grummelpack, the 24 slot bag that is a quest reward about half way across the zone.

As it turned out, that was about the perfect set of goals as he literally popped to level 90 when I turned in the quest for the Grummelpack.  #winning

I swapped in the new big back, recalled to Stormwind, and headed straight to Khadgar and into the Warlords of Draenor starter zone.  It was just after I committed to that path that I realized I had not done much about my gear.  I was actually still wearing several pieces of the 1-85 heirloom gear that had allowed Trianis to speed through the Cataclysm expansion.  I never got around to replacing them while in Pandaria.  The drops I got there all had a better item level, but the heirloom gear stats remained competitive.  Side effect of the great stat squish I guess.

But now I was going into Draenor wearing that stuff, while back in my bank I had a full set of Timeless Isle leather gear to open up and wear.  Those purples, at item level 496, would have clearly been better than what I was wearing.  But it was too late, so I pressed on through the expansion intro.

Come on Khadgar, move your ass

Come on Khadgar, move your ass

The fifth time through… well… I was at the point of being optimized for the experience.  And doubly so as a rogue, where you can stealth through things.  I still have to resolve the dichotomy of the full on rogue play style and the feral druid pseudo-rogue play style, as they are not identical.  The feral druid just does not have the damage capabilities of the rogue, but can cast heals… and since I got the random druid specialization that lets Alioto cast a heal while in cat form, he is even more survivable… while the rogue has to vanish and run away if he gets in too far over his head.  That, or die a lot.  Dying a lot reminds you to vanish eventually.

Anyway, I made it through, took the ride to Shadowmoon Valley and launched into garrison creation.  Again, having been through Shadowmoon Valley four times before, I know which quests to run to get followers and what I need to do to unlock the level 2 on the garrison.  In pretty much “zip zam boom” fashion Trianis was sitting in his level 2 garrison with 9 followers.

Another town hall

Another town hall

I did have a couple of new quests to run.  For trade skills Trianis does enchanting and tailoring, the “no need to harvest” combo.  That meant he had to go find the quests for both trade skills and run them down before laying down the Enchanter’s Study and the Tailoring Emporium.  No extra space for a Storehouse, so he’ll have to travel to do his banking.

On the bright side, the raws he needs to run his crafting material production orders had been accumulating on a couple of characters, so he was set to kick those off.

I had to decide what to do with my medium slot.  I wish that the Dwarven Bunker was a medium building, as I have gotten a huge amount of benefit from it with Vikund and his garrison.  Hi followers are bringing back item level 645 gear at this point due to all of the follower upgrades.  Absent that, I decided to go with a Lumber Mill, if only because it was a building I haven’t played with as yet, and Trianis is behind in his garrison resource accumulation.

So now I have another character in Draenor and another garrison to tend.  And all of the candidate characters I had listed for Draenor back before the expansion launch are into the thick of things.

The Draenor Contestants

The Draenor Contestants – all now in Draenor

So now I should work on leveling them up.

Of course, I say that, but then I saw this on the WoW 6.1 PTR release notes:

Alchemists can now transmute for Savage Blood

And what trade skill do I NOT have in Draenor yet?  And how badly do I want/need savage blood for crafting?

But, you know, I do have an alchemist.  He is a level 83 druid, so he isn’t THAT far from the level cap.  And how much more work would six garrisons be compared to five?

This is how I get mired in side tasks.

Quote of the Day – I Got Your Massive Universe Right Here!

“This amazing achievement shows not only how truly massive the PlanetSide 2 universe is, but also how inclusive its online community is,” said Annie Nguyen, Video Games Records Manager at Guinness World Records. “This title truly embodies the international, record-breaking spirit of Guinness World Records.”

Statement at Guinness World Records site

PlanetSide2 got an achievement in that they set the world record for most players in a single FPS battle, managing a peak of 1,158 in their “truly massive universe,” allowing them to join other distinguished record holders at the Guinness World Records site.

That is NOT Blawrf McTaggart!

That is NOT Blawrf McTaggart!

Now maybe they can work their way up to 4,070 players, like the battle at 6VDT-H, or even 2,670 players, the peak number participating at one time at B-R5RB, because 1,158 is something like the population of Jita on a Saturday afternoon.

Okay, I know, this isn’t and apples to apples comparison.  Those EVE Online events weren’t hyped up attempts to set a record by getting people on a server.  They were just fights that happened because of player interaction.

Erm… that wasn’t what I meant.

I mean, having 1,158 players spread out over a whole world map is clearly more taxing than having at least double that number on the station grid in 6VDT-H… plus drones… hrmm…

Battles spread out over the map

Battles spread out over the map

Well, it is certainly easier to render spaceships than… wait, what are those?

Drop ships are not spaceships

Drop ships are not spaceships

Well, at least this record makes more sense than that time World of Tanks got awarded the record for the most concurrent players on a server for a game where you play 15 vs. 15 matches.

Anyway, congratulations to the PlanetSide 2 team!  They showed those other FPS games who was the boss.  Now back to MMOs.