WoW Insider Reborn as Blizzard Watch

Well, Massively and WoW Insider (and Joystiq itself) put up their farewell posts just hours ago at this point, but already plans are in motion for replacement sites featuring some of the same cast of characters.

Out of the gate first are some of the former WoW Insider team that has setup a new site called Blizzard Watch. (RSS Feed for the site.)

Blizzard Watch open for business

Blizzard Watch open for business

There is a big welcome post that sketches out plans for the site.

With a new site they have some new options.  They have laid out how things will be different given their new independence:

The key point is we’ll have more freedom. Freedom to change our structure when the situation necessitates it, the ability to fix our own technical problems without jumping through support hoops, and the freedom to have other types of content if we think they’ll be fun. We can choose which technologies we use in our content production rather than the media avenues provided by a parent company. We can generally be more agile. Free of our corporate shackles, we’ll be able to dive back into creating awesome content with renewed passion for what we do. Most importantly, we can cover all aspects of WoW and Blizzard games that you know and love without limitations.

Of course, there is the funding question as all of these writers will want to get paid.  They will be running ads as well as looking for funding through a Patreon campaign, which is currently doing very well.  So things look good for the sort of ongoing coverage of World of Warcraft and other Blizzard topics which we have become used to over the years.

Meanwhile, the crew formerly associated with Massively has not been sitting still.  They have not got a web site up, but a whole Massively Overpowered initiative is rolling out.  I’ll make a note when they get their site running, their RSS feed up, and their own funding under way.

7 thoughts on “WoW Insider Reborn as Blizzard Watch

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @CT Murphy – WoW Insider was a bit of a fire hose at times. Imagine Massively, posting a bit more frequently, but only writing about WoW. But it had the same things going for it that Massively did, which was largely an RSS feed that included enough of the story that you knew whether you needed to click on it and read more or not. Some sites haven’t figured out how to do excerpts in their feeds here in 2015. And they were passionate about the game. I kept them in my feed whenever I was playing WoW.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Also, at one point Dan O’Halloran’s name appeared in so many comments in my spam folder that I figured he must be a super important person on the internet. And since he wrote for WoW Insider, that must be a super important place on the internet.


  4. Random Poster

    Back when it was they were really really good with the info. I did feel like after WotLK that the quality of stories and coverage got to be worse. Quality during Cataclyscm was ok, After hat big drop in quality and relevance of guides and advice.


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