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Quote of the Day – When You Know You Are Making a Difference

Subject: Reminder to Renters who like to PVP

we will knock up to 200 mil off rent for every hostile sbu kill with legit killmails posted on zboard

we will knock up to 500 mil off hostile pos kills

you need to use judgement and dont throw caps willy nilly around those wont be srped but you can form bombers and other ships use scouts and so on

some renters have erned free rent by being proactive who have a understanding of pvp and we want to encourge those who know what they are doing to feel free to step up if you feel its in your scope of things you can handle.

you need to keep records and at months end get with your rental poc to work out discounts.

this appys to those who rent under NC/Bff you can check your rental manager if your region is covered

Lady [Scarlet] – via EVE Skunk

The NCDot rental crew has decided that they need to incent their renters to go out and clean up hostiles in their space.

Meanwhile, in no doubt completely unrelated news, while the conflict in the east continues there are reports that the so-called Reaver squad has started operations in the southwest region of null sec.

An undisclosed location in the Southwest

An undisclosed location in the Southwest… also, Caroline’s Star