Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Scylla Overshadowed

With all of the stuff going on around EVE Online recently… the ongoing talks about the sovereignty changes coming this summer and the whole EVE Fanfest thing and all that got announced there (reviews of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3)… I nearly forgot that there is another one of those every five weeks expansions hitting New Eden today.

And I am guessing that even CCP was having trouble remembering that Scylla was a thing, as they have a placeholder for the usual expansion page, but haven’t actually put anything there yet.

No clicking on Scylla

No clicking on Scylla

I was speculating that maybe this was CCP being cute and trying to play into some aspect of the Scylla of mythology… and I am still holding out hope that the next expansion will be Charybdis just so we can throw that idiom around… but I am going to guess that this is just a matter of the community team being too damn busy with Fanfest.

But according to CCP, Scylla has been released all the same.

And there are patch notes for Scylla! We have that going for us!  And I will jump straight to the absolute, most critical bit in the whole thing.  Yeah, they’re nerfing Tengus and Ishtars and changing fighters and tinkering with bomb launchers (some of which was covered in a dev blog), and there is something about the new player experience (which also has a dev blog), but ahead of all of that in order of importance, there is this monumental entry…

Added the ability to reverse the zoom direction of the scroll wheel and left+right mouse buttons. The setting can be found under Display & Graphics in the Esc menu.

Fuck yeah!  I’ve only been complaining about this since freakin’ 2007!    I am just two years shy of putting that in the “10 Years Ago” section of my regular month in review post.

And in all of that time, I have never gotten used to having EVE Online basically invert the operation of the scroll wheel relative to every other piece of software I own.  So now that is finally off my plate.

Oh, and be careful about the whole download on demand patcher no day one because it will hurt you bad it you let it.  Don’t use the repair tool until it is done or something.  Because CCP.

Other than that, Scylla seems to be a modest affair, as one might expect now and again when CCP is pushing these things out every five weeks.  Lots of little tweaks, lots of bug fixes, and the ongoing persistence of CCP referring to NPC locations as “dungeons.”  I thought we were over that last bit a while ago, but it has reared its ugly, out of context head again in the last few releases.

Anyway, at least the music is still on track.  Scylla got its own moody bit of atmosphere with its release.