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As a group, the Reavers are already dangerously close to role play.

We are a small team that goes behind enemy lines to attack their infrastructure.  We exist to reinforce structures, blow up defensive SBUs, kill the scattered locals, and then fade away when the enemy forms to fight us.  When they form for us, we win, because that means they are not forming for the main front of the war.

We have our own fleet doctrines within the CFC and our ops are always considered strategic for purposes of ship reimbursement programs within the CFC. (And woe to any alliance accountant who tells Sky Marshal Blawrf otherwise.)  And Reaver ops run pretty much around the clock.  It is a perfect place for somebody who wants to drop in and do something (and click on a participation link!) for a couple of hours every day, because there is always something to shoot.

And we have our traditions.  There was a big push when the group was launched to forge an identity.  We have our forum sigs and our own forum Bee in the GSF forums.

Reavers forum bee

Reavers forum bee

In the field we don’t chat in local unless directed.  We often work out of a single POS deep in hostile territory for weeks at a stretch.  We burn out a fleet commander or two every deployment because they thrown themselves into the role and try to keep ops running around the clock.  As a group, we go to great lengths to get people back from deployments.  I have seen pings to help get a single pilot home two weeks after a deployment has ended.

However, in this ongoing effort to forge an identity, I think we might have crossed a line.  We have moved from operational traditions into the field of dress up.

This week Asher Elias, our leader, announced that there was now an official Reavers jacket for our avatars.  I am not sure where this idea came from, but it got a chuckle initially.  However, Asher and the other leaders kept repeating it.  And then people started buying the jackets and updating their avatars.

The jacket was 750 Aurum (Aurum is that odd ball other currency in EVE Online, specifically for the New Eden Store cash shop), but it turned out that a lot of us still had that initial 1,000 Aurum that CCP gave us when the whole thing came online back before the Incarna expansion.  We had the money already, so why not?  As we landed back at the station in our staging system, more and more people bought into the idea.  I was in, though fortunately I had already figured out how to change my clothes in space, so it was a quick swap for me.  Some had to figure things out scratch.

Then there was talk of an official pose for avatars.  And, judging from how things have developed, I gather we were given an official background for our avatars as well.  I wasn’t on last night, but I was putting together a composite of some of our avatars and noticed that, even as I was doing that, they were getting updated with that background.

Initially I had trouble putting together an array of twenty avatars to demonstrate the phenomena.  Later I decided to stop at forty avatars, thinking that perhaps I had made the point already.  Here is what I ended up with:

Reavers Represent

Reavers Represent

That picture expands out to 1280×2048.  I am at the top left and I stand out for not having the correct background yet.  (My method for finding the portraits was to scan recent Reaver kill mails over at zKillboard to see avatars, then go to EVE Who to look up specific names to grab 256×256 portraits, which I then pasted willy nilly into an ever expanding page in

And, even as this was kicking off, other groups in the CFC started jumping on the idea.  I understand that there is talk in capswarm about an official uniform, leading people to argue over which uniform you should wear.  Asher’s view was that the first group to declare a uniform has precedence, so all Reavers should be wearing our jacket… and in our pose… with our background.  I wonder if our effort… and how it seems poised to spread through some of the CFC… will cause a spike in Aurum usage and character updates?

And just think what would happen if we had hats.

Addendum:  I now have the correct background.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Wilhelm Arcturus

14 thoughts on “Reavers Represent

  1. SynCaine

    When people talk about tools in a sandbox, this is what the smart ones mean.

    Also this is fluff being used to do something more than just be fluff, as the uniform and such increases loyalty and brings a group together.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Also, if you want to know who is who, I think these are the names that match the pictures:

    Row 1: Wilhelm Arcturus, Asher Elias, Sadus, Dandryx Mathers, Zaeryth
    Row 2: Xenos Tarak, Scooby Dooooooo, Kain Felmont, Ulkar Aduul, Dagrin RDM
    Row 3: Nalena Linova, Erich Buttner, Viktor Fel, Vaijon, Gorthok Irondeath
    Row 4: Fayde Starbreaker, Yukari Takani, Miss Ratsalot, Azure and Argent, Mai Steelrod
    Row 5: Vaksharaj, Titus Maul, Karl Fjoren, Raume Taed, Gnome de Plume
    Row 6: Tu Ko, Sweet Bitterness, Khromatic Hellscream, ibi1979, Moomin Amatin
    Row 7: Commissar Kate, Muon Au-Tau, Cuddletime, Norrec Lafisques, Lord Fingon
    Row 8: Theodoric Darkwind, Jaden Jaff, Suzy RC Mudstone, Plaid Rabbit, Ka’ataferquo


  3. Jester

    Love Squad kicked off the official uniform thing late last week/early this week. When their first few fleet kill boards showed everyone in uniform with the same background, it looked surprisingly sharp.


  4. Raziel Walker

    Are you a sanctioned and paid Goon propaganda officer? :P

    Some of those pilots need to zoom in a little so they appear bigger on screen to make it more cohesive. Looks like a group that can take pride in their work.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jester – Ah yeah, I just looked up some of their kills on zKillboard. Nice when it is all them in their shiny red jackets.

    @RW – I have never been paid to write anything for the CFC, the GSF, or my own alliance, TNT. (I think the leader of my corp reads my blog now and again, but that is about the extent of my notoriety in the CFC at this point.) I was asked (nicely) to stop syndicating my posts to EN24 by no less than The Mittani himself. That was a while back and I am sure has long since been forgotten. (Riverini at one point purged a bunch of old posts, so none of my work was available there last I checked.)

    And yes, there is some work to be done on poses, but I am more surprised that so many people jumped on the jacket bandwagon so quickly.


  6. Rohan

    I’m kind of surprised this took so long to be a thing in Eve Online. The themeparks have had things like guild tabards forever. Full out uniforms are a little more rare because of the different classes using different armor types, but you do sometimes see it in the RP guilds.


  7. schmono

    your forum bee’s antennae are behind the right side wing. someone needs to use the ‘move to back’ command on the wings.


  8. SynCaine

    “I’m kind of surprised this took so long to be a thing in Eve Online.”

    This isn’t the first time, just perhaps the first time a huge group like CFC has done it.

    In my merc alliance three years ago, we all rolled alts that looked exactly the same with the same name (plus some numbers at the end of it), and everyone had a training program to be up and running in a month (I forgot for which ship now). We would then roam as a group of ‘clones’. Good times, and some great reactions from the locals.


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rohan – In addition to what SynCaine said, in EVE Online your avatar isn’t really all that visible to people. Unless somebody is looking for you, getting info on your character, they might at most see a very tiny version of your avatar. People will likely note your name, your ship, and maybe, if they have their overview set right, your corp or alliance ticker. But there is no physical presence as in fantasy MMOs where people will see you even if they are not deliberately looking for you.


  10. endie

    Jester: actually, Bat Country did the uniform thing (you had to have goggles on) when the new mechanics for clothing etc came out. We moved on from it. Too hip to live…


  11. dachengsgravatar

    Is it too late to point out that you are in the top left, not top right, in the group photo?


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