Hail The Imperium! Amarr Victor!

Goonswarm 2015: We are not here to ruin your game, but to ~enhance your immersion~

The Mittani, CEO Update: The Imperial March

And here I thought a few jackets might be pushing things.

The CFC has been declared dead, a clusterfuck no longer.  In its place rises the Imperium.

And the first act of the Imperium was to formally declare its loyalty to the True Emperor of Amarr, Maximilian Singularity VI.  Any residual loyalty to the irredeemably tainted Empress Jamyl Sarum will be rooted out and destroyed and our ideological purity will be assured as guardians of The Sixth Empire.

The Mittani kisses the ring and swears his allegiance

The Mittani kisses the ring and swears his allegiance

I am not sure exactly when The Mittani fell under the sway of Maximilian Singularity VI, though he did mention his admiration for him publicly a couple of times before Fanfest (where Maximilian blessed other known figures), but now our coalition is wed to his crusade, with The Mittani names as “The Sword of Redemption.”  His cause is now our cause.

Jamyl Sarum has stolen our Golden Empire and is no longer True Amarr…  I am True
Amarr as Tash-Murkon and Kador family lines and I shall see in my time all four Empires in battle while a gathering storm of the fifth empire comes. We Capsuleers of all races are the rising Sixth Empire… and we shall follow a storm!

All four empires are tainted. War is coming to them, my words will be true. The fifth empire is in turmoil. WE ARE THE SIXTH EMPIRE to rule the galaxy. The old ways are no more. Vitoc is an abomination we ALL SHALL BE FREE and no longer dogs of war to the poisoned State, Republic, Federation and Empire. I preach LOVE (and by love I mean lasers).

-Emperor Maximilian Singularity VI, to his Imperium forces before blessing his followers

Maximilian Singularity VI and his claims to the Amarr throne face issues, including a pro-Jamyl faction in Providence.   But with the usual squabbling between the five houses, Jamyl’s weak position after violating the doctrine of sacred flesh, and the ever present pressure from the Blood Raiders and Sansha’s Nation, a claim to the Amarr throne backed by Imperium titans cannot be dismissed lightly.

Within the Imperium itself, a new order is being forged.  Change is coming.  Uniforms are being discussed and appropriate propaganda being prepared.

Meanwhile, out in the farms and fields of sovereign null sec, the N3 appears to be falling apart under pressure from all sides.

Reavers leaving the roost for another night mission over Querious

Reavers leaving the roost for another night mission over Querious

Delve continues to be overrun and, in a surprise move, Imperium forces declined to deploy to the obvious choice of ZXB-VC in Delve and moved instead to a base designed to block Darkness and The Kadeshi (themselves working out of 1-SMEB) from having easy access to their route out to low sec Aridia.  Sahkt it to me?

NCDot has decided to abandon Querious and has reset its renters in the region.  The Germans may be stepping in however, as Ev0ke has already said they are headed that way.

Meanwhile, Nulli Secunda, unironically based for the moment in the system 3-BADZ in Feythabolis (and thus inspiring a new nickname for the N3 coalition, The Three Bads), facing the threat of Pandemic Legion dropping on them, is reported to now be headed for the exits as well, giving line members very short notice to pack their stuff.

So with all of that plus Brave already leaving null sec (or maybe headed to 1DH-SX in Delve, I don’t know, what with coup and counter-coup) and the Russians reportedly interested in exploiting N3’s weakness, the Imperium set to set to return to its new, Fozzie-sov-sized domain (consisting of the regions Deklein, Fade, Pure Blind, Tribute, Tenal, Branch, and Vale of the Silent) while dropping sov on its other conquests and holdings (Delve, Fountain, Cloud Ring, and anything else we might take along the way), and I don’t know what going on in Wicked Creek, the declining weeks of the Dominion sovereignty system look to be interesting times. The map will change before the updates hit.  I need to put that sov war updates blog in my reader.

And then we will have Fozzie-sov where, we hope, the real fun and chaos will begin.

While that is all going on, the troops of the Imperium are still out in the field and still taking sovereignty from its foes the old-fashioned, Dominion-style way.  Last night Reavers shot an infrastructure hub and reinforced a station while I was on, while dodging neutral or disenfranchised renter.

Sometimes we bring out the big guns, like this Drake XL

Sometimes we bring out big guns, like this Drake XL, to shoot ihubs

Tonight there will be another station.  Tomorrow there will probably be another ihub.  Or a POS.  Or another station.  Or some SBUs.  The war goes on.  Sovereignty will be overturned and infrastructure smashed.

Somebody put up a Gallente tower

Somebody put up a Gallente tower, let’s shoot it

And so it goes, until there is no more enemy and Emperor Maximilian Singularity VI sits on his throne without dispute.  Amarr Victor!

8 thoughts on “Hail The Imperium! Amarr Victor!

  1. MaximGtB

    So… would you mind explaining what this is about to your readers who don’t play EVE? I usually don’t have much trouble following EVE-related posts here and on other blogs, but this one kind of baffles me.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @MaximGtB – The upshot, as I see it, is that we have changed our name and decided to role play as a coalition. Fine with me. I can run with that.

    So now there is game lore (like the Amarr royal lines) to consider along the with player role play lore (Maximilian), events that players make happen (the war), and game mechanics (the sov changed coming in June). I tried to link out to things that might explain some that to which I was referring, but you know how convoluted game lore can be. I have to go bone up on it myself now.


  3. bhagpuss

    Me too. First Stabs says the Goons won EVE, then Nosy and you start going all Holy Roman Empire and I’m lost!

    The most surprising thing of all though was Stabs assertion that the CFC fields 40,000 pilots. Geez. Is it worth anyone else even turning up?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – This is New Eden, where not everything is as it seems, or at least isn’t quite comparable to other MMOs. CCP believes that actual players have about 2 accounts on average, and when the Goons did a survey of their players, the number was closer to 3 accounts per person if I recall right. Some people play just a single account. I do. But 40K pilots isn’t the same as 40K players.

    Then there is the fact that we all play on the same server, so all of the 300-400K accounts active accounts on the Tranquility server share the same space. China is a bigger % of the world population than the Imperium is of the New Eden population, and we haven’t all haven’t simply started learning Mandarin yet.

    And then, as a group, the Imperium is surprisingly diverse. Each alliance, and each corp within each alliance, has their own things going on. My own corp seems to spend most of its time fueling towers and copying blueprints if I just go by corp mails. Then there are coalition-wide groups that do special things. The European Goonion does their own deployments. Space Violence fights in small fleets down in Providence. My own group, the Reavers, has its own missions away from the main fleet. Then there are the people who keep all our structures fueled and going or who manufacture or mine or run transport services. Then there is a whole PvE wing. There is a group that just runs incursions and another who, if you get an escalation after running an anomaly, will run it for you and give you half the proceeds.

    I am sure I have left out any number of other groups.

    And even with that big of a player base, we are still pulling back to a much tighter, defensible perimeter before June. We cannot hold all of capturable space.

    But yes, if you get in a fight with us, we will bring numbers. We will see how big of an advantage that remains come the Sov changes in June and how the Imperium will have to adapt.


  5. zaphod6502

    Do you have an understanding of how the SOV changes work? Or what will be required to hold SOV? I’ve read CCP’s notes about it and it still baffles me.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @zaphod6502 – I think I get what they might be proposing, but I haven’t spent too much time on it because by June it could look very different. I am not sure I fully understand how sov works now, so I just follow the FC and shoot what he tells me to shoot.


  7. NetherLands

    Not steeped in EVE Lore, either, but so from what I understand it now has the Goons turning to jihad (to use a more contemporary term, the last crusade that amounted to anything was in the 15th century iirc) with a new name and supposed goal (supporting the one true emperor, at least till another one becomes more convenient to back I suppose, going by the internet memes surrounding EVE ;) ).

    What makes me as onlooker wonder is a) is the change essentially because people were getting bored, with all the implecations that has? and b) how will this affect Gevlon’s ‘jihad against Evil’ ?

    I guess it’s time for popcorn :)


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