In Your Systems Taking Your Space

We are hellcamping enemy staging because that’s what it’s come to. One squad of jacket wearing roleplayers is now camping in an enemy alliance. Logon if you want to spread the good news about Max Singularity VI, the first of his name.

-Asher Elias

The war in the southwest of New Eden continues apace.  Once The Imperium gathers its forces into a mighty hammer and begins to pound on its foes, pieces eventually begin to fall.  At this point the change list for the Delve region over at DOTLAN shows N3 having lost 45 systems, or more that half the conquerable space.

Over the weekend the fights are mostly concentrated around 1-SMEB, where the hostiles were based… until they lost that system Sunday morning and, with it, the ability to dock up.  N3 had already given up fighting for the region, so the dominoes falling faster is natural enough.  But losing the system from which you are based, locking your alliance out of who know how many assets, is another story altogether.

And then there was the liberation of Mister Vee’s Cruor for the nth time, locked as it always is in NOL-M9, awaiting the next invasion of Delve.  He never actually rescues it.  It just sits there, having only two states of existence; sometimes it is free, and at other times it is trapped and waiting to be freed.  But it is never actually removed from harm’s way and brought back to Imperium space.

So the forces of the true Emperor of Amarr, Maximilian Singularity VI, spread his word… whatever that word happens to be.

I joined for the spiffy outerwear quite frankly, so why not?

And the most spiffy in that regard in His army are those of the Reavers, as more and more of our squad dons the jacket and takes up the official pose.  We have a infographic about it around here somewhere.

Anyway, the Reavers have been out and about in their flashy new uniforms and actually taking sovereignty in Querious.

Our corner of Querious

Our corner of Querious

Yes, we already broke sovereignty for our foes, first in ED-L9T and then more recently in C-7SBM.  We interrupted their hold on the systems, requiring them to start back ad level 0.  But in both of those cases the enemy formed up to take the system back from us.

But that is the point of the Reavers.  We are there to shoot things and set timers until we become annoying enough that the enemy has to pull pilots from the main fight in order to take care of us.  At that point we win, having done our job.  We can fade back into the bush and wait for the enemy to leave before starting again.  And if we shoot the same structures in the same system over and over… well, so long as it works.  But actually taking and holding sovereignty, that is a new thing.

And it isn’t just because N3 has given up on Querious.  We have been facing a group of pilots from Darkness, drawn from the front lines in Delve, who have been forming up to fight us now and again.  But they haven’t taken back VT-G2P or 9-HM04 from us yet.

In fact, in a new turn, we have been taking the fight to them.  We spent a good portion of Sunday in their local staging system, 9CG6-H, shooting their defensive SBUs, laying down our own, and then camping their station with them inside, all during their prime time hours. (They seemed to be mostly pilots from the French corporations Teutate Raiders and League 42.)

Again, this isn’t really our normal operating procedure.  We don’t generally go in with big numbers, 30 being a good size fleet for us most days of the week.  We get some assistance now and again.  We have had Harpy fleets from the main force sweep through the area when hostiles have formed in significant numbers and we have agreements with a few of the local groups that like to prey in the region.  But we’re not dropping multiple battleship fleets on a system to cover capitals doing a shoot.  We go in with some Ishtars and a little logi and a few scouts to set up shop and shoot things for an extended period of time.  If things are good, we drop in a couple of big guns to help us out, but most days it is just us and our sentry drones.

So it was something of a change of pace to sit on a hostile station again in order to protect our SBUs while they went online.  The enemy came out to fight a couple of times.  They bombed us during the SBU shoots and then formed up a kitchen sink cruiser fleet to challenge us on the undock.  We force the issue by shooting up the station services, removing their ability to repair or set clones amongst other things.

The fights were small, with a few losses on each side.  There were enough bombs flying that I managed to lose all my drones over the course of things.  Probably the most strenuous part of the whole thing for me was when I ended up being the logi anchor and had to actually pay attention to where I was flying.  I have managed to avoid that sort of thing up until now, preferring to just stare out the window and take pictures.  Instead I had to keep our station relative to the main group while trying to stay within range of a group of blues that dropped in to help for a bit but who didn’t bring their own logi, all of which I took more seriously than I probably needed to.  I did end up using the WASD keys to fly around for a bit, a feature that came in with the Rhea expansion back in December.

And that was my weekend in space.  We shot structures, stood up on the enemy’s door step for a while, then headed back home when all the shooting was done.  But there are always more timers waiting for us.

2 thoughts on “In Your Systems Taking Your Space

  1. zaphod6502

    I logged in on the weekend to find that HERO has been blued to The Imperium or CFC or whatever you call yourselves these days and we are moving to FA space and taking it over. Not sure how well that will turn out as Fountain seems to be hotly contested and our last showing against PL was – cough – less than exceptional.

    Anyway it it means more fun fights I am all for it. Of course this could all change again as HERO seems to be turning into the Gypsies Of EVE with no fixed address. ;)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @zaphod6502 – Yeah, I expect the conflicts cause by the contraction of empires and the resulting power vacuum to be hilarious for a while. On the TNT side of things, we’ve held one of our systems, K5F-Z2, since December 2009, pre-dating the arrival of Goons in the region. We seem to have settled in Deklein for the long haul.


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