6 thoughts on “CCP Launches Mosaic Expansion and Talks About Even More Granular Feature Releases to Come

  1. anon

    ” Resubscribing because of an expansion is very much an MMO thing”

    Sure, it is less of an incentive to resubscribe, but it is also an incentive to not unsubscribe in the first place. Do you know what is better than an account that resub for your game? One that remained subbed the whole time.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anon – Yes, as far as it goes. But in the real world people unsubscribe all the time because they just get tired of playing or need a break. A new expansion, when it is a big deal, reminds people that the game is still there and brings people back.


  3. zaphod6502

    I am hoping CCP releases the official high resolution ship skins this year. They have had that on the backburner forever with various excuses as to why they have not released them. I am thinking it is all hands on deck at CCP trying to modernise EVE before the Star Citizen juggernaut washes them away.

    I’ve seen more improvements to the game in the last 2 years since I started playing EVE back in 2006. It is amazing what a slowdown in subscriber numbers will do to spur a developer into action.


  4. SynCaine

    @Zaph: My guess is that CCP has also pulled most resourced to EVE, and stopped screwing around with stuff like WoD or DUST, at least in a major way (they do have that 3D game they tinker with).

    As for the strategy, I do agree they need a major expansion to boost subs. I think it would work well if once a year they did a major release (even if the ‘major’ aspect is more marketing and hype than actual massive changes), and then the rest of the time did this. EVE is awesome at retaining people ‘forever’, especially if rapid updates like this, but that “come look at this” burst is important as well.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I think the June expansion will be an interesting test case. A change to how null sec sovereignty works should rank as an important, if only because that is the bit of the game that generates news coverage in the so-called legitimate press. Even if the change is unlikely to remove any current players from the map, there ought to be some new names… or old names returning… along with everybody figuring out how to screw with or otherwise exploit the new system.


  6. Aenar

    Doing once or twice a year a big drop feel like it’s an expansion, a drop every 5 weeks feels like a feature patch. It just doesn’t have the same draw.


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