Building a Pet Battle Army of Extraordinary Magnitude

When I first started on pet battles, I was way behind.  The whole thing came in as part of the Mists of Pandaria expansion and, having skipped out of the game when Cataclysm was still a thing and only returned when Mists of Pandaria was nearly a year old, it felt like there was a lot of catching up to do.

Not that “behind” really means much.  Pet Battles, like so much of WoW, can be viewed as a primarily solo activity.  That others have already “done all the things” doesn’t mean that you cannot go do them or that they are in some way diminished.  It just means that you still have to travel a road that others might have already gone down.  Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing, as they will leave notes behind to help you out.

It was more a matter of coming back to WoW and there being so much to do.  When the instance group finally all got back on the first thing on the agenda was to finish up Wrath of the Lich King.  After that there was Cataclysm and then, finally, we got into Mists of Pandaria.  During that time I did not do much about Pet Battles.  I caught a few pets now and again, but for the most part I was in zones with level 20-25 pets, while my own collection was mostly in the level 1-8 range.

Eventually I did get a pet to level 25.  And then three.  Grunty, the pet from BlizzCon 2009 was one of my first to level cap.

BlizzCon Exclusive Gift

BlizzCon Exclusive Gift

He remains one of my favorites, always in the rotation if I am facing beast type pets.  After him there were other, like the Terrible Turnip, until I had a few choices for a max level party.

Of course, having a few choices tends to highlight the holes in your lineup.  Such is the rock-paper-scissors of Pokemon Pet Battles, where having three level 25s can be a long way from having the RIGHT three for a given battle.  After unlocking the Menagerie in my first garrison, it was a struggle to defeat Gorefu, Gnawface, and Carrotus Maximus in order to unlock the next upgrade.

It was one of those things where I went to look up the fights, having failed badly, only to find that I did not have any of the suggested pets for these battles.  I found substitutes and managed to scrape by, defeating Gorefu mostly on luck rather than having the right counters.

I persisted, working on leveling up additional pets.  I picked up a couple of the addons suggested by people and had a plan to get the pets I wanted to level 25.

PetBattle Teams on the right side...

PetBattle Teams on the right side…

I still struggle a bit getting pets to level 6 or so.  No system in place for that yet.  But once they are 6 or so, there is the aquatic battles in Pandaria in order to get them to 15 and then they can be swapped into my daily pet master battles in Draenor. I even leveled up one of my characters in Draenor pretty much via Pet Battle experience.

As my collection has grown, so has my list of pre-set teams.  The first time I struggled with the Menagerie unlock battles.  Now I have a pre-set group for all three that will do them in no problem.  I am good against the Darkmoon Faire battles now, and have been creating groups to counter the daily battles that come up in the Menagerie.

Countering this all magic pet group

Countering this all magic pet group

And when I go look things up now, I sometimes even have the pets suggested for the given battle, or at least a close enough substitute.  (Though one of my minor gripes is how many pets share the same model and same attacks and simply have a different name.  While I like my three cockroach threat team, I am not sure the cockroach, the fire-proof roach, and the tainted cockroach are all that different.  Basically there are 10 sets of roaches that share everything except a name.)

Still, it came as a surprise to me the other night when yet another pet hit level 25 and I got an achievement.

ProPetMobAchiThat is the achievement you get for having 75 pets at level 25.  Of course, the reward is another pet to level up.  On getting that I checked my stats over at Warcraft Pets and found I was just a couple shy of 400 unique pets total.  I took my level 90 druid, who I still haven’t pushed into Draenor yet, and had him start hunting for new pets in Pandaria.  That is probably the one expansion I have the least pets from.  And soon, I had another achievement.

LotofPetFoodAchiThat is what you get when you collect 400 unique pets… well, that and another pet.

Suddenly I seem to have more options.

Pet stats as of May 4, 2015

Pet stats as of May 4, 2015

While I continue to build up my collection, I want to start looking into the Mists of Pandaria options when it comes to Pet Battles, which leads up to the Celestial Tournament.  And, of course, there is a collection to obsess about round out.  There are currently 724 pets, so I am just past half way towards catching them all… or whatever.  Still plenty of pet battling to be done.

9 thoughts on “Building a Pet Battle Army of Extraordinary Magnitude

  1. Jenks

    You have way more max level pets than you should need for the celestial tournament. I have 76 now, but I leveled a ton not too long ago, I’d guess I had about 30 when I did it, and had to cheese it by using certain fights to heal my teams back to full and reuse the same pets. With as many as you have (and I have now) you can probably go in, experiment, lose pets, and still win.


  2. Solf

    Err, Menagerie quest? Where you have to defeat 3 pets in your garrison?

    I’m fairly certain I defeated all three with a single Terrible Turnip which I leveled to 25 via token blizz added at some point. The key ability being the one where turnip hides and leaves a bunch of things that continue damaging the enemy while turnip is invulnerable.

    I am just surprised that you’ve struggled considering you mention that you had level 25 turnip.

    P.S. Can we have ‘subscribe to further comments’ option back please?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Solf – At the time I did that… which was back in January… I was still figuring things out. Also, in no guide to those fights did I ever see a mention of Señor Turnip, otherwise I would have gone that route and leveled him up quicker. At the time I was working with a Skunk, an Ash Spiderling, and Deathy. I have since found a set that defeats the lot of them handily, so it was only ever much effort the first time.

    And no, I will not be enabling the ability to subscribe to comments. I found that it caused more problems than it was worth. Sometimes yesterday’s post needs to be yesterday’s news and left behind. If anybody needs to obsess about comments on my blog, they can come back and visit the old fashioned way.


  4. Solf

    Well, if I do comment (like in this post), I want to know if e.g. you (or somebody) replies… Without subscription… well, I probably wouldn’t bother posting at all (this here I only monitored in the hopes that you’ll re-enable it :))

    If you don’t mind sharing — what kind of problems comment subscriptions cause?


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Solf – Over the years I have had a few people very aggressively trying to dominate comments on a given post, to put things politely, to the point of telling me I need to stop commenting if I want them to stop. (Usually after I suggest that their point has been made repeatedly and that maybe they should just let it go or, if they have their own blog, to take it there and make a post out of it if it is such a big issue for them.)

    For example, having somebody tell me I am a scrub for running LFRs is fine. Whatever. But having somebody basically trying to wrestle me to the ground and admit I am a scrub for running LFRs becomes tiresome very quickly. They basically shit all over my comment thread and suppressed any other discussion aside from their own pet points by constantly posting responses.

    The common thread in these events has been that person subscribing to comments so that they can constantly jump in and inject their view yet again.

    Hasn’t happened since I turned off that feature, so I am inclined to leave it off.


  6. Solf

    Well, I appreciate your position (meaning your blog — your rules and if it works better for you that way — who am I to argue), but yeah, could be deal-breaker (commenting-wise) for me, as I don’t really see a point in leaving a comment if I can’t track responses afterwards.


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