EverQuest Ragefire Progression Server Poll Results

The polls in EverQuest closed earlier this week and Daybreak has posted the results in the EverQuest forums.

The first result we were already pretty sure of over the weekend, which was the name of the server.  Ragefire won the poll handily, being out in front by enough to be declared the likely winner a few days early.  Here were the options in order of popularity:

  1. Ragefire
  2. Lockjaw
  3. Gorenaire
  4. Yelinak
  5. Meldrath
  6. Anashti Sul
  7. Opal Darkbriar
  8. Mrylokar

And so it goes.

Lockjaw Defeated

Lockjaw Defeated

Next was what content should be available at launch.  The options were Classic, Classic and Kunark, or Classic and Kunark and Velious.  I personally couldn’t see the appeal of starting with anything besides Classic, and apparently I was not alone, as that was the winner.  Good on that.

After that there was the Yes/No option on voting to unlock expansions.  I was strongly against voting.  That seemed to cause as much drama as anything during the reign of Fippy Darkpaw.  There was real forum rage around the first half dozen votes. Plus, it makes the game play of at least part of the progression server demographic, the raiders, dependent on the whims of the voters.  The raiders are keenly interested in when expansions unlock and are often in a semi-dormant state towards the end of an expansion cycle.  Getting them queued up hoping for an expansion unlock, only to tell them to check back later feels like jerking around some of the most dedicated customers of the server.  Better to keep to a schedule that everybody is aware of in advance in my mind.

However, people who vote on polls like to vote on polls, to votes to unlock won handily.  As with Fippy Darkpaw, there will be a minimum level for voting, something that enhanced the voting power of the raiders, who all tend to be at level cap.  This time around you will have to be within 21 levels of the cap in order to vote on unlocks, which means level 29 for the Kunark unlock vote and 39 for the Velious unlock vote.  We’ll have to see how this works out, but I am issuing an early drama warning given past history.

Finally, there is the important poll item, what sort of server progression will there be?

Server detail vote

Did I really vote for that?

The choices were:

Maximum Nostalgia: Six months between early expansions, dragging classic, Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, Planes of Power, and Gates of Discord out into a 3 year event.

Accelerated: Sort of a fast-slow-fast rhythm.

Level Cap Bias: Eight months between expansions with level caps 70 and under, four months after that.

Half Speed: The real world expansion release rate run at twice the speed… so the option seems mis-named.  It should of been Double Speed or Half Duration or something.

I voted for Level Cap Bias because… um… oh, yeah… that gave me maximum classic and Kunark, which is all I want out of a progression server really.  Velious and forward is still “that new crap” in my mind.  Old biases die hard.

However, I was in a small minority with that thought I guess, as the results were:

  1. Maximum Nostalgia – More than half the vote
  2. Accelerated
  3. Half Speed
  4. Level Cap Bias – Just over 10 percent of the vote

So Maximum Nostalgia it is.  Rather than getting eight months of classic I will only get six.  But I can live with that.  A full year of nothing but classic and Kunark works, though there is already a bit of “six months to Kunark?” drama.  Yes, it is the best expansion ever in the history of MMOs, but if any aspect of EverQuest has six months worth of content, it is classic dammit.

So those are the results.  They were followed up by a FAQ with details about things like the Daybreak Store (will be there, but only XP potions available), the beta (soon, maybe in less than a week), and subscription requirements (you must be an All Access or whatever it is called now subscriber to play) along with a listing of specific things you will see or not see on day one.  You can read it all here, but this was the detailed but:

  • When the server is opened, only zones, classes, and races that existed when EverQuest first launched will be available, with some exceptions.
    • Paineel and the Hole will be open.
    • The Temple of Solusek Ro will be open.
  • Everyone will start at level 1. There is no tutorial, characters can not transfer to this server, and Heroic Characters are not available to be redeemed.
  • When raid targets are defeated, they will be broadcast across the server. When all of the raid targets in an expansion are defeated, a countdown begins.
    • For EverQuest, Kunark, Velious, Luclin, and Planes of Power, this countdown will be six months.
    • For Gates of Discord and all following expansions, this countdown will be three months.
  • Polls are scheduled to start every two weeks, on every other Monday. May 4th was the most recent, May 18th will be the next, and so on.
  • If the countdown timer ends with at least a full 168-hour week left before the current poll ends, the current poll will be activated. If there is less than a full week left in the current poll, the next one will be activated.
  • When a poll is active, you will go to a Priest of Discord and say ‘vote.’ If you’re within 21 levels of the current level cap, you are allowed to vote.
  • When the poll ends, if more people voted ‘yes’ to the next expansion than ‘no,’ the next expansion will open and the cycle begins again.

So that is how things stand.  I might sub up to try and get into the beta just to get a taste.  But the real outstanding question is when will this all start for real?  I am going to say no earlier than June 15 and no later than July 7 as a guess.

When do you thing we will see Ragefire go live?  And will you play?

6 thoughts on “EverQuest Ragefire Progression Server Poll Results

  1. Jenks

    Here’s a question I can’t ask without offending a certain group:
    Why do you side with some 6 boxing shithead throwing a tantrum in his room and then venting on a forum about it over your own desires?
    You are clear about the fact that you wanted classic to last 8 months, maybe longer (like myself). Voting gives you a voice in enabling what we want on this server. Instead, you vote no so that guy doesn’t create drama. Does that drama really affect you so negatively? In my view, I don’t hear or see any of it, and when I do I might even crack a little smile. I’ll be voting no until I quit the server.


  2. Jenks

    Just to be clear little notes for these two sentences for clarity:

    *Instead, you vote no so that guy doesn’t create drama. (the DBG poll regarding polling)

    *I’ll be voting no until I quit the server. (the in game server progression poll)


  3. Isey

    I think I will. And since I have to resubscribe to make that happen, that is a win for Daybreak I suppose. I have already been trying to get my old guild back for a weekend reunion on free EQ and the time I have been toiling in free EQ has been “ruined” by mercenaries and the changes. I’ll give pure, unadulterated nostalgia a go and see what happens.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jenks – Basically, I’m fine with my fellow players getting what they signed up for, whether they six-box or not. “Here are some hard dates when expansions will roll out” seems like a much better model than “We might roll out a new expansion on this date, or maybe not.” It seems more fair, for my own arbitrary sense of fairness, as no one group gets to assert their desires over another. I want classic as long as I can get it, but I’m also fine with the server moving on, and if I know the dates in advance, so much the better.

    Basically, the vote thing allows for the tyranny of the majority and all that, which goes both ways. The “keep it classic” people, who lost every vote until Gates of Discord cried bloody murder about the level restrictions on voting and the alleged six boxers and how the voting system was broken (an ongoing problem for all of Fippy Darkpaw). The raiders will win the first few vote. History seems to indicate that they really want to get to Planes of Power.

    And when the shoe was on the other foot, the raiders were annoyed because they got all their guild alerted and ready to play, only to find out that, no, they would not be doing new raids that week… then they bitched and moaned in the forums about many of the same things.

    As for whether or not the drama affects me, no it doesn’t really. I find it kind of amusing. But it is a distraction for Daybreak, a company I think could do with fewer player drama distractions these days. Better they work on things that really matter than trying to figure out why the unlock vote isn’t working for people yet again.


  5. bhagpuss

    Well, I’m an All Access member for the long haul so there’s no reason not to roll a character. Actually, I could two-box and mildly annoy Jenks because we have two paid accounts in this house. Mrs Bhagpuss is also an All Access member even though she hasn’t used her account in three years – I did suggest once that maybe we could rest it until she actually wanted to use it – suffice to say I won’t be doing that again…

    Last time I played a gnome necro and got to level 10 or thereabouts. I did play quite a lot – I just went verrrrrry slowly. This time I’ll probably play a gnome necro. Again. If I play anything that solos slower I’ll probably not even make double figures.

    Contrary to Isey I love my mercs. Contrary to yourself and most EQ vets I think the game is at least as good as it is ever was and in some significant ways a lot better. I am absolutely certain that if I play on Ragefire for more than an hour here or there now and then I’ll find myself thinking “This is all very well but I could have done 10% of level 90 in the time it’s taken me to do a bubble of level 5”. And I would love to have a max level in EQ again – I’m only 16 levels from cap!

    So, yes, I’ll be playing and since Kunark and Luclin both offer restarts I’ll probably play more than once. But there’s no chance I’m going to play on Ragefire “seriously”. As for 6 months of Classic, that’s actually almost exactly the length of time I spent in Classic the first time round, since I started in November 1999 and Ruins of Kunark arrived at the end of April 2000. As I recall I was very ready for Kunark by the time it arrived even then.


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