The Four Stages of Ragefire Login Grief

The official launch announcement is up in the forums, the Ragefire time locked progression server is live.  Now the reality strikes home…

1 – Cannot log in

You could at least not toss my user name with each try...

You could at least not toss my user name with each try…

2 – Cannot connect to server list

Oh, come now, this part should be easy

Oh come now, this part should be easy

3 – Time out at the server list

And yeah, that login screen doesn't like me either

And yeah, that login screen doesn’t like me either

4 – The server is just full

Wasn't instancing the starter zones going to cover us on this front?

Wasn’t instancing the starter zones going to cover us on this front?

And about every fourth time I click on “PLAY EVERQUEST” there is just long enough of a delay before the error comes up that I think I might just get through.

Oh well, I guess I’ll watch the promo movie a few more times.

Hey, I had ISDN when EverQuest came out, no modem connecting chatter for me back in 1999!  Also, I was totally able to log in the first night.

Hrmm, how about that EverQuest Lore video then, that will keep me busy for another minute.

11 thoughts on “The Four Stages of Ragefire Login Grief

  1. SynCaine

    To be fair to SOE, they are really new to this MMO thing, and clearly just now figuring out the basics. I’m sure ‘soon’ they will get it together and everything will be awesome. Real real ‘soon’.


  2. GnomeNecro

    I was sitting at the server select screen last night when the server switched from “locked” to “up” so I was able to get in and create a few characters. I still haven’t decided what I will play on this server, but I wanted to get my foot in the door and grab a couple of favorite names. It was very busy in almost all starter zones with the exception of Oggok where it was just moderately busy.

    I saw no level 50 characters, all the characters I rolled had their guild note and starter backpack, and things looked good. But I did suspect that if I lost link for whatever reason I would face what you detailed here.

    I’m still playing FFXIV as my main game at the moment, but I could not resist some nostalgia. I am in this for a relaxed trip down memory lane, not as a race to the cap and any server firsts. Hopefully after a day or two the race-to-the-top crowd has moved on. Maybe I will see you on this weekend or at some point.


  3. NetherLands

    Perhaps I’m missing something here, but basically the problem is that Daybreak miscalculated the appeal of an official nostalgia server :?

    Seems a bit like a first world problem tbh, I think it’s a good sign.

    Too often players who want a more immersive virtual world experience/levelling game get slammed by fellow players and even some companies (*cough* Blizz*cough*) for being ‘stuck in the past’ (aka knowing what they like) and a ‘minority’ , yet each and every time they open up an EQ Prog Server this happens (will they open up a second one soon this time, too?) and even the WoD launch issues caught Blizz by surprise if we are to believe the official version – and WoD promotion was steeped in nostalgia.


  4. GnomeNecro

    I got off work early today (thanks boss!) and it’s 1:02 p.m. CDT and Ragefire is full. The EQ forums are in an uproar. So who knows when I can get on and play. Things will just get worse after people get off work today.

    It will be interesting to see if they bring another server online or just limp along until enough people lose interest that things settle down.

    I have to admire the plucky normal server people who jump in the forums and say basically “guys, plenty of room and no waiting over on the standard servers!”.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @GnomeNecro – There are certainly a lot of unhelpful comments in the Timelocked Progression Servers forum. I am not one to condone unfettered and antagonistic rage against a developer, but Daybreak has set themselves up for a fall yet again. Despite the exact same thing happening with the last two Progression Servers, somehow they believed it wouldn’t happen again.

    This is compounded by the fact that in Daybreak’s world of “Free to Play Your Way,” everybody trying to get onto the server is a paying customer. They are acting entitled because they ARE entitled to get what they paid for.

    And then there is the long SOE history of not paying attention to things unless people ARE raging about it in the forums, which has created an atmosphere of “gotta rage to be heard.” This is especially true on the TLPS forum, where questions, complaints, and bugs went without response for months at a stretch even during the early stages of Fippy Darkpaw, when SOE was theoretically still paying attention to it.

    Its not going to kill me to not get on this weekend, but that magic time when the starter zones are full of people and you can find groups and so on, that doesn’t last forever. That’s what I came for, and I’ll be bummed if I miss it.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh, the big complaint on the forums is that people are logging in and going AFK and never getting logged out. That is how you hold your spot in the world currently. (I shouldn’t have logged out after I logged in at 5:30am.) The irony is that the server select page, that has an AFK timeout. You can get kicked for idling trying to get onto the Ragefire server, but not once you get in! Hah!


  7. GnomeNecro

    I finally got in after Holly announced on Twitter that GMs were manually kicking people who were AFK. I had to spam the buttons to get on for about 5 minutes and got lucky. Since then, they have had some world announcements that they would be kicking long-AFK people too. I’ve been on all afternoon, but yes, I expect I won’t have an easy time getting on tomorrow.

    I agree, it is definitely is silly for Daybreak to be at this point after having done the progression server thing a few times already. Maybe the guys who set up the last servers were among the cuts earlier this year.

    Alright man, well I hope you get on and get some quality time in this weekend. Maybe the manual AFK-kicks will help.


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Things look better now that they did a reboot. I couldn’t tell you if that will fix the AFK problem, but at least it logged all the AFK people off so I could log in.


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