Farewell to Home in Deklein

There was a bitter sweet change on the sovereignty map with Tuesday’s update, as my own alliance gave up most of their systems in Deklein as part of the realignment of systems required by the changes to the sovereignty mechanics this summer.

20150602SovChangesTactical Narcotics Team, or TNT, handed over a system I have considered home for most of my time in null sec.  While TNT’s main base was CU9-TD, and the coalition staging systems have been VFK-IV and YA0-XJ, I have always considered 0P-F3K as home, the place where I hung my hat, stored all my excess junk, ratted, and always had a jump clone.

Under new management... mostly

Under new management… mostly

For the moment TNT still holds 4U90-Z and K5F-Z2, the latter being the current champion for a system continuously held by a single alliance, having been acquired by TNT back on December 2, 2009.  Five and a half years is a long, long time in New Eden.  That was before Goonswarm had come north, when they still lived down in Delve and Querious… on purpose and not because they recently invaded it yet again… and Pandemic Legion held sovereignty for themselves and Atlas Alliance owned the southeast.

When I moved into null sec at the end of 2011, and at the start of the war with White Noise and Raiden, the then-CFC was packed into less space.

CFC Land, December 2011

CFC Land, December 2011

The CFC then stretched out, at one time running all the way from Period Basis in the far southwest to Tenal in the extreme northeast, in an arc that covered about half of the area of sovereign null sec, if not half of the actual systems.  During that time TNT expanded its holdings, picking up systems in Pure Blind and Tribute to tend for the coalition.

Then came the announcement of Fozzie Sov.  With the Phoebe expansion, and the coming of jump fatigue, Period Basis, Querious, and Delve were sold off.  And, as the next round of changes loomed, Fountain was abandoned as well, leaving the newly minted Imperium focused back in the north… with a couple of groups still operating in other regions.

Regions of The Imperium - June 2015

Regions of The Imperium – June 2015

Contrary to what I previously wrote, we do not appear to be letting go of Cloud Ring.  Fweddit, or J4LP, or I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth, or whatever they should be called, appears to be taking up residence in the region, which is not all that large but which has a couple of important connections to other regions.  Fweddit has been part of the coalition for a while now… I think.  I just don’t hear much about them, they disappeared of the sov map for a while, and their logo doesn’t appear in official Imperium propaganda videos.

The Imperium Alliances... sans the Fweddit space chicken I guess...

The Imperium Alliances… sans the Fweddit space chicken I guess…

But there they are holding space in Cloud Ring along side Goonswarm, so they must still be on the team, and they’ll be our bulwark against Black Legion.

That all means we are holding eight regions, which annoys me for purely aesthetic reasons.  I thought “The Seven Regions” was close enough to “The Seven Kingdoms” from Game of Thrones to be amusing.  I guess I won’t be able to beat that joke into the ground.  The lands of The Imperium have condensed though.

Imperium Space - June 2015

Imperium Space – June 2015

So amidst all of that, TNT is focusing on Tribute as our new home, a region we will be sharing with Circle of Two.  That puts us on the doorstep of Venal, and NPC controlled null sec region, and just a few jumps away from our friends in Mordus Legion.  It also, oddly enough, puts me potentially a couple jumps away from the first system I was blown up in (such a tale too, go click on that link) playing EVE Online, M-OEE8.

The move also puts me close to my original home in Caldari space.  It is just five gates from M-OEE8 to Hageken, the system where I first set up shop after finishing up my initial missions in Jita.  I remember feeling like I had gone WAY off the grid back then.  It was the wild west, with people looting jet cans and getting feisty over asteroids and such.  I lost a very badly fit Caracal to a jet can thief.  That 0.6 security status was off the hook!

Now I look at the map and see I made it all of six jumps from Jita on my first venture.  Well, it seemed daring back then!  I still have a pile of stuff, including a Moa cruiser, in the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station in Hageken.

So that is where I will be headed, at least once I get back north.  I’ve moved most of my stuff down there already, leaving some strategic doctrine ships, and a jump clone, up in the coalition staging system at YA0-XJ.  But the bulk junk is down in Tribute.  We shall see how the new location plays out.

(As usual, sovereignty maps swiped from the usual source, with regional maps coming from DOTLAN.)

4 thoughts on “Farewell to Home in Deklein

  1. Gaff

    Did they change the name of the CFC?? Is it “The Imperium” now? That doesn’t even have a gimmick to it.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gaff – Do you even lift bro? Of course it has a gimmick to it. It is all “Amarr Victor!” with a serious Warhammer 40K vibe. Also, bad and/or half-assed role playing! All of which you would know if you weren’t first on the list of traitors.


  3. Gevlon Goblin

    Since I’ve ran the CFC losses, Fweddit was always in the “rest of CFC” group at the end of chart. Their ratting is also negligable. I wonder why they aren’t merged into a functional alliance.

    Anyway I’m sorry to hear you lost your home… NO, HAHAHA, get used to it minion of Evil, you’ll be in lowsec soon!


  4. pkudude99

    I joined Skyforger in TNT back in the day. Tau Ceti Federation was ceding Deklein to Goons at the time, so the jump bridges were messed up and it was interesting to get assets moved out there as a result. K5F-Z2 was our alliance base with the outpost and then we had 0P-F3K owned by Goons as a jump bridge waypoint since you could have 2 bridges in the same system at the time, but was still considered “ours” for all other intents and purposes. XCF-8N got its outpost while I was out there and I set up there since it was right next door to FMB-JP which was where I did the majority of my PI and where Skyforger was planning on building a Gallente outpost. TXME-A was also outpost-less and we tended to use it simply as a ratting system.

    CU9-T0 was the HQ system of the OWN Alliance, and 94-H3F on south to FO8M-2 was all them, but then R8S-1K was TNT’s as our ice-mining system, and we also had T-945F. OWN got booted for some betrayal or something, and then we picked up pretty much all their systems, and Skyforger didn’t need to build a Gallente outpost in FMB-JP anymore since we now had the one in CU9-T0. We also got awarded some systems a bit to the north to use as ratting systems, and eventually got given a few in Tribute also.

    But then I stopped playing Eve since I’d burned out on having to do so much PI for the corp in order to see the outpost built…. which never got built. And the corp never reimbursed me for the stuff I popped in to the project either in spite of repeated “we’ll pay you monthly as you put the stuff in” — so I was pretty burned up on Eve then. My character’s still logged out in XCF-8N with a medical clone in K5F-Z2.

    I watched with interest how the sov changed a bit to accomodate the new bridge network after it was changed so only 1 bridge could be in a system. We gained 0P-F3K, but los TXME-A as a result of that. But TNT’s core was still there, so now reading about this move due to the fozziesov changes…… makes me a little nostalgic for the old haunts, even though I don’t have any intention to ever log in again.


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